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    Where can i find all of the shortcodes for things like the accordion, rotating slider, etc? The wand does not have those within the theme that I can see.



    There are no shortcodes for the sliders. You can use the Template Builder.




    I want to specifically add a collapsable accordion that I can insert text into. How can I create that using the incarnation theme? The following page shows it in the theme as Toggles (


    Hi jmwilliams83,

    If you aren’t seeing those within the magic wand options, there is probably a plugin conflicting with the theme shortcode implementation. Try disabling all other active plugins and then trying it again. Also make sure you have the most recent version of the theme installed just in case you are working with an old version with possible bugs/issues,




    I can’t get the magic wand to work at all. I have already turned off all plugins except one (this is the Replete theme and after spending hours setting up woocommerce for it, I’m really loathe to try turning that off, plus if it conflicts, I’m screwed anyway.) My site is btw. A fantastic workaround for me would be if you listed all of the shortcodes somewhere so I could just do this manually…many theme developers list them on the shortcode page of their sample sites, where they give you both the examples AND the code that created them, but you don’t seem to provide them anywhere at all.

    In this instance I’m looking for the accordian shortcodes, but really, is it possible that you have never produced this list for all your themes or any of them? Is there a plugin I need to get my shortcode magic wand working, perhaps? Other than turning off all plugins, I really don’t know what to try next and frankly I just really want the info. so I don’t have to keep struggling with the wand, which I don’t even really need.


    btw, found the accordian shortcode by searching accordian on forum, but it doesn’t actually work on my site. It shows the title but will not open anything when you click on it. See this hereL

    I’m going to look to see whether there’s an update for Replete I can install. Given that I’m using hostgator and already tried turning off all plugins other than woocommerce and asksimet, my sense is that things just aren’t playing well with my host somehow or something. I see a lot of queries about the shortcodes not working the forums but not a lot of solutions, so my sense is it’s us, not you!



    This is the shortcode for the toggles:

    [toggle_container keep_open="false" initial_open=""]

    [toggle title="Title 1"]Title 1 content goes here.[/toggle]

    [toggle title="Title 2"]Title 2 content goes here.[/toggle]

    [toggle title="Title 3"]Title 3 content goes here.[/toggle]


    Have you tried installing on WordPress 3.4 or lower version?



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