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    Is there a shortcode to call the Slideshow of that specific page?

    Or what is the code to call the Slideshow of that specific page, so i can make a template manually… Also the code to call the latest post widget would be handy!

    Also it would be cool to have a shortcode you can call a specific sidebar with.



    Hi hotspot,

    There’s no shortcode to call the Slideshow. You can replicate the slideshow by using a Template Builder to create a template and add a specific slideshow to that template. Then you change the layout of your page and selecting the name of the template you just created.

    Try to check this link:

    and find the video tutorial with this title:

    Abundance Theme Demo 6:

    Building improved layouts with the template builder

    The theme used in the video isn’t the same with the one you are using but they are using the same framework, and the functionality is the same. :)




    Hi Ismael,

    The template builder just is not flexible enough.

    So i need to create my own template, what are the (php) codes to call:

    – the slidehow of a specific page

    – the page content of a specific page

    – the news widget

    – the search bar

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    And also it would be very handy if we got an email when a reply is posted to a thread/question…



    I’ll mark this thread for Kriesi (feature request). Maybe he can add a slideshow shortcode to the avia framework.




    Hi Guys,

    shortcode would be great.

    But this is becoming very urgent:

    Can you give us the php code to call:

    – the search bar

    – the news widget

    and if possible also:

    – the slidehow of a specific page

    – the page content of a specific page



    I have to deliver the project and need to implement a solution for it.

    HELP guys!



    1.) Search bar. You can use this code to call the search form generated on searchform.php. Kindly refer to this link

    get_search_form( $echo );

    2.) News widget code can be found on wp-contentthemesflagshipframeworkphpclass-framework-widgets.php, find this code.


    3.) You can add the slideshow and content of a specific page via Template Builder.




    Point is i need a slideshow with next to it a newsbox. There is no way this can be done with the template builder.

    Any idea what the (php) code is to call the slideshow of page x?



    Following php code should work:

    $myslider = new avia_slideshow(16);
    if($myslider && $myslider->slidecount) echo $myslider->display();

    Instead of 16 insert your post id.



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