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    Hi There – I have a couple of questions about how to override the default short code styles that are being used in the Angular theme.

    1- whenever I add a column shortcode and then make a heading within that column <h1> <h2> etc, the style I get is completely inconsistent with the rest of the sites heading styles

    eg: I get this
    .flex_column h1, .flex_column h2, .flex_column h3, .flex_column h4, .flex_column h5, .flex_column h6{
    color: #ED6C30;
    font-size: 12px;

    I want the styles to be the same as the rest of the site – is there a way to override these? It tried adding my own styles to these classes in my child theme’s stylesheet (and added !important) but it didn’t work.

    2 – Same kind of questions – I want to add some letter spacing to the button shortcode and increase the font size but when I added this to my child theme CSS – it didn’t work.
    .avia-button span {
    letter-spacing: 1.5px !important;
    font-size: 20px !important;

    3 – Also within the column shortcode – It won’t enable me to center alighn my parargraph text – is there a way to add something to my child theme’s stylesheet to do this?

    the site is set to private so please tell me how I can PM you to give you login access

    Please help


    Hey ShortieD!

    Can you please send in the login details?

    You can email it to ///.

    Include the word “Kriesi” on the subject. Add the link of this thread on your email.



    hi Ismael – I emailed yesterday – did you get it?



    When you inspect the headers or anything else when viewing the site do you see your child theme styles? It may be a case of the stylesheet not getting loaded in for some reason.

    You can also reply here and make the reply private so only we can see the login details for the site and then view it live.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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