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    I created a slider with the shortcode but the slider height and width settings do not work.

    I have set both to 400px.

    Can you check this at the bottom of the page … thanks!




    the width & height parameter doesn’t effect the slideshow size but the block size (so basically the transition animation effect). From the documentation:

    height: defines the height of each block, default is full height
    width: defines the width of the block, default is full width
    transition: defines the transition of each block. default is fade. options are: fade, slide, drop
    delay: defines the delay between the transition start for each block in miliseconds. default is 35
    boxspeed: speed of the transition animation for each block in miliseconds. default is 600
    autorotation: sets the autorotation. default is false. options are true and false
    autorotationSpeed: speed between autoslide transitions in seconds, default is 3
    display: sets the animation direction, default is diagonaltop, options are diagonaltop, diagonalbottom, topleft, bottomright, random
    switch: when active will switch between diagonaltop and diagonalbottom or topleft and bottomright, depending on what you have choosen for "display" default is true

    It’s not possible to create slideshows with different dimensions however you can adjust the slideshow size in style.css – search for following code:

    #top .medium_sized_slider, #top .medium_sized_slider .featured{
    position: relative;

    and adjust the width and/or height value(s).


    Okay that makes sense .. thanks for this info!


    Glad Dude could help you :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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