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    1. After updating Woocommerce to the latest version.

    The shortcode [product_categories number=””] does not work any more!.

    It use to create a list of shop categories, display it’s name and shows how many products it contains.

    Now it’s a blank page. see

    2. I also need the the product title and price to be removed from the product display loop.


    Any help will be much appreciated.





    I’m looking for the shortcode on woocommerce and I can’t find the shortcode you provided. Are you talking about this ?

    [product_category category="" per_page="12" columns="4" orderby="date" order="desc"]




    Yes that is the one I’m referring to [product_category category=”” per_page=”12″ columns=”4″ orderby=”date” order=”desc”].

    I can’t get it to work with my website. It just displays a blank page.


    Hi mk8dd,

    Try testing your shortcode with the theme switched to one of the default wordpress themes to make sure you have the correct shortcode.

    As for your second question, I’m not quite sure if this is what you are looking for but Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    .product .thumbnail_container h2.thumbnail_container_inner {
    display: none;




    Cheers Devin,

    That did the trick.

    One more question for you. I have about 2millions variable products.

    The product are telephone numbers, so they only need an name and a generic picture.

    Can woocommerce and abundance handle it?

    Is there a way to create variable product dynamically? Each Telephone number can be sold with 5 different bundle packages and 5 different minutes bundles; total 25 combinations

    Do you take personal contracts?




    Tbh I think that WooCommerce (and WordPress in general) is not the best choice for this project. I’d rather use a dedicated shop platform like opencart in this case. Obviously I can be wrong but I know that WooCommerce isn’t always efficent and with 2 million products you’ll probably hit some limits.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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