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    Is it possible to get shortcode to insert into the page for the homepage textarea/callout/quotes instead of filling in text in the template builder? I ask because I want the text to be different for the three different language versions of my site (using qtranslate), and so if I can insert it into the ‘Edit Page’ box like I have the other shortcodes, I can create different versions in my other language posts.

    Many thanks!




    What about creating 3 different templates with three different callouts?




    The trouble is, how would I get a different template to show up on the English, French, and Chinese versions? They are all formatted on the same page, just with different language tabs for each on in the Page Edit mode. Is there an easy way to do this that I’m missing?



    When you enter the text on textarea/callout/quotes element, qtranslate doesn’t translate it?




    No. Qtranslate only lets you provide alternate translations for content you put in posts or pages (in the page edit box), not permanent items like headers, footers, etc. So, I can translate all other short-code elements on the homepage, but not the textarea/callout/quotes element.


    Afaik shortcodes are not supported (even with WPML). With WPML you need to create a different template for each language and then you can apply them to the translated pages. Maybe the same process works for qtranslate too.


    Ok, what I’m wondering, then, is if there is a short-code that has only ONE column, instead of all the short codes that have two or three. I will just use that instead of the call-out bar, as that can be customized better for translations.


    Hi bjohnsrud,

    No there isn’t any shortcode for a single column. You could however use the visual editor to set the text to h2 or even h1 and then separate it from the content below it with a [hr] shortcode.




    I don’t understand why you want to translate the call out in the page edit. I’m using qTranslate like this [:en]Text[:es]texto, and it is very easy to add translations.

    if the idea is to have different call outs or other elements per language and page, then you need to create specific templates as the expertes mentioned before.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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