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    Whats is the shortcode for content toggler and where to i place it?



    Please read the documentation or refer to the demo: for examples of the content toggler.

    You can also use the dummy content importer to set up your theme as per the demo.




    I just purchased this theme.

    I searched through the documentation and there is nothing related to toggles, there also isn’t a page that has the toggles that are listed – how do I get the toggles like accordian, tabs, etc? Isn’t there a sample page included with the download?

    Note the version of this template that appears on Themeforest is not the same as the example on – since it excludes the Basic Shortcodes and Advanced Shortcodes pages – this is the reason I bought this theme




    as far as I can see the toggle shortcodes are explained in the manual. Avisio offers the same shortcodes so I’ll link to the shortcode section of the avisio manual:



    I should have mentioned I am using the HTML version, not wordpress.

    Looks like you gave the code for the wordpress theme.

    Again, I checked the HTML version documentation and there is nothing in there to show toggle codes, both regular and accordian.

    Please can you provide the code, thanks



    I’m sorry but the CleanCut html version doesn’t support the toggles shortcode. The demo page: doesn’t offer this feature too.



    Could you refer this to Kriesi please?

    I used your link above on the original question from orlandoinsurance and you referred to

    I went there and it specifically states toggle codes. I purchased at themeforest based on your website.

    If not please refund my account – there is some confusion as you have a support forum category and no where does it specify the fourm is for HTML or WordPress versions – yet you carry 2 versions.

    As above, I purchased this theme based on the toggle and accordian – unless you provide some solution I’m out of luck – pls advise.

    Ideally you should email me the code so I can use it in my html version.


    I’ll ask Kriesi if it’s possible. We can’t refund money because we aren’t your contract partner (you’ll need to contact themeforest/envato). However I can’t understand he confusion because the html version page: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -and-portfolio-template/99235 links to the right demo (and is cheaper btw..)



    The confusion I found was I checked you forum for Clean Cut and as I was going through the forum orlandoinsurance asked the same question I had – how come there aren’t any toggle code samples. Your answer was it is in the documentation and you linked to the demo – but on the demo it doesn’t say it is html or wordpress – so it appeared you had to buy the cleancut template to get the documentation to get the toggle code.

    It is as it is – I am not setup for wordpress – as for the pricing I am not sure of your point – seems you’re saying because I purchased it only for $20 I shouldn’t get the toggle codes. Not sure.

    Regardless I don’t mind paying a bit if required.


    I asked Kriesi what we can do for you. I’m sure he’ll report here back soon. I’m not saying that you don’t deserve the shortcode because the theme is cheaper than the WP version but obviously TF reviewers check the theme features before they set the price – this explains partially why the html theme doesn’t offer the same features like WP theme (of course there are many other reasons like WP themes are more complex, more work is required, maybe more flexible, etc.)…


    Ok, will wait, thanks for checking it out.

    And so I am accurate – it was advanced codes of the toggle and tabs, the basic codes are there in the html version.


    Hey! Dropped you a mail with instruction on how to use the toggler and tabs in your html template :)




    @kriesi – Thanks a lot. Sent you an email.

    @ Dude. thanks for passing on the message.

    All works except the toggle image – not sure why. The space is there for it – the heading is indented but no image.

    I placed it in the images folder as per instructions. Then tried placed in another folder – nothing. I am using Style #1 of the template – does this make a difference?




    could you post a link to your website – I’ll investigate the css code and/or image problem.



    Thanks – but I’m still on my laptop – when I get the site up it will have to be then.

    Quick question – is there a problem putting 2 testimonial sections on 1 page? (You know the small boxes when you click the image the info appears)

    The testimonial section that comes on the home page, I just copied it and made a second section with it, but the second section doesn’t work. Keeps bringing up error message – the first one works though.




    yes – as far as I know the testimonial section can only be used one time on a page. You can try to rename one testimonial div. I.e. change:




    for the duplicate testimonial code and replace following js code in custom.js:

    // content switcher testimonials
    jQuery('#testimonial').kriesi_content_switch({event:'click', links:'.testimonial_author_pics a',contentContainer:'.testimonial_slides',content:'.t_slide'});


    // content switcher testimonials
    jQuery('#testimonial').kriesi_content_switch({event:'click', links:'.testimonial_author_pics a',contentContainer:'.testimonial_slides',content:'.t_slide'});
    // content switcher testimonials
    jQuery('#testimonial_custom').kriesi_content_switch({event:'click', links:'.testimonial_author_pics a',contentContainer:'.testimonial_slides',content:'.t_slide'});

    As soon as your site is online I’ll look into the shortcode problem.



    Oh, so close !

    Almost works. The only item missing is the quotes image (they 2 grey ones) – so the little pictures (with the people) that change the white boxes are half way down into the testimonial box. – you only see half of the boxes (the ones with the people in them) and it’s behind the white box.

    Does this need a separate identifier as well?

    Other than that the clicking and changing works. If you can let me know, thanks.



    add following to style.css:

    #testimonial_custom .quote {
    background: url("images/skin1/quotes.png") no-repeat scroll left top transparent;

    #testimonial_custom .quote {
    height: 60px;
    left: 0;
    position: absolute;
    top: 52px;
    width: 60px;
    z-index: 5;

    #testimonial_custom h1 {
    float: left;
    line-height: 60px;
    padding: 0;

    It should display correctly now :)


    Wonderful !

    Works great – thank you for doing that.


    Glad that I could help you :)

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