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    The Shortcode in the edit Post/Pages don’t work :(
    (Only the Dividers shortcode work)

    My site: WordPress 3.7.1 + Propulsion 2.1


    In order to specify: in the WordPress backend, in post or pages edit, the “Insert Shortcode” function not work. If I choise for example: “Column Layout”, nothing happen.



    Please try to deactivate all third party plugins – maybe a plugin causes a js error in the backend and breaks the shortcode generator.



    I have made the test, I have disabled all plugin, but this non solve the problem.



    Try re-downloading the theme files from ThemeForest from your downloads. Then re-install the theme files following the steps in this video (keeping plugins deactivated):



    I have deactivated all plugin, download and re-instal Propulsion 2.1,
    but the “Insert Shortcode” still don’t work :(
    PS: only the “Dividers” and the “Dropcaps” works.


    Found solution: re-instal WordPress component, and now “Insert Shortcode” work.
    Thanks to all, for your help.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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