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    I am trying to add shortcodes for columns and I choose 2 column, but when I go back to editing..nothing is there.

    Also tried adding an icon link. the code is there but nothing shows up when viewing the page

    Any ideas??



    Hi elames,

    Are you using the latest version of Coherence and WordPress?




    Yes I have the latest installed for both. Though to be sure where do I find what version I have?


    Ok so I see I do not have the recent Aug Update. I downloaded it and tried to install as a new theme and get this failed error message:

    Destination folder already exists. /home/pineyhil/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/coherence/

    Theme install failed.

    Now what do I do? Why isn’t there just an UPDATE check box like other themes have which then overwrite the old?



    Tried changing the name of the zip file and uploaded it…still got the same error message. Surely there is a better way to do updates with this theme???

    Help please.


    Hi elames,

    Try to change your theme from Coherence to twentyeleven or twentyten theme. After switching the theme, kindly delete the Coherence theme, then upload the newer version of the Coherence theme. After the uploading of the new Coherence theme is complete, kindly switch it back the theme to Coherence. :)




    Will I lose all my settings and custom style? Sorry, but this seems like a crude way to update the theme. It should have a built in update feature. think about having that in future releases.


    Hi Elames,

    When updating themes you have two main options: either through FTP and manually upload the new files or using the wordpress admin and upload the zip file. What you are running into is that wordpress doesn’t have permission to write over the current file/folder of the theme. You can read a bit more about permissions here:

    You shouldn’t lose any of your settings when following the steps above but its an attempt at working around the permissions issue.

    As for your initial issue, what is the exact shortcode you are seeing that is not display on the live version of the page? Have you tried disabling all active plugins and testing the shortcode functionality as well? If not, please try that as well.




    I was trying to put information on a page into 2 columns and it would not take the shortcode.

    I don’t think it is a permission issue because the error message doesn’t say that. It says I already have a version on the server.

    So, If i just unzip the coherence theme on my computer and upload all of the same files via ftp to overwrite what is there …it will all work properly?

    Thanks Devin



    I did as you said and was able to add shortcodes now. However if you look at this page:

    You will see the section beginning Festivals and Fairs towards the bottom is still being put into a column. I do not have it within the shortcode it is supposed to be one column. How can I fix this?




    Did you add that content on your editor? Try to put them inside a div tag, apply a class on that div then style it with clear: both;.




    Thanks got it!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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