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    On the choices demonstration page it shows possible page layouts, icons, toggles etc.

    Where are all these short codes and icons.

    I just can’t find them.




    Probably the easiest way to test all available shortcodes is to use the shortcode generator. The option can be found in the toolbar/kitchen sink of the text editor field (it’s a magic wand icon on the right). There you can select which type of shortcode you want to create and then you can configure the options of the shortcode.


    Thanks. Got there. Very useful indeed. I will continue to experiment and let you know if I have any other issues. One issue I may have is once the icon, for example, is created, how do you get it to actually do something. For example if it was an icon of a mail how would one get a response after clicking on it (taking you to send an email).


    Hi cpwilson2,

    If you’re talking about the iconbox shortcode, you can’t make the icon itself clickable (at least to my knowledge). You can however add text either in the Title or Description fields that you can turn into a link by selecting the text then clicking the hyperlink icon.

    Hope this helps!




    I made the ice work on its own as a hyperlink when I was in a normal page (just highlight it all and then link), but I can not do it in the template builder format.


    Anyway I still can’t make this work. I can get the link on the icon to work in a normal page, but once moved to the template builder I do not know how to get the icon linked.


    Hi cpwilson2,

    Once in the template builder and adding some of the elements that accept it, you’ll be entering in plain text or HTML. If your copying the content from the visual editor, switch over to the HTML tab (at the top of the editor) and copy the content from there so that its the raw code.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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