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    I am using a plugin called Hybrid Connect to facilitate collecting name and email addresses from my site. However the developers is having problems using the shortcodes on my site. Can you please assist, he writes:

    “I’ve had a look at this, and the problem is only affecting shortcode output.

    For some reason, the Flagship theme that you’re using is adding < p > tags to the code that we’re outputting.

    For example, here is an excerpt of the CSS:-

    #hc_template_wrapper3437 p strong {

    color: #542A00 !important;


    <p> #hc_template_wrapper3437 a.navButton img {

    border: none !important;

    vertical-align: middle !important;


    You see that the paragraph tags there are essentially breaking the CSS and that’s why you’re getting a messed up display.

    In order to get this resolved, I’ll need to understand whether there is a “filter” that the theme is using to replace something called wpautop.

    Can the Flagship developer please tell me what I need to change in order to remove the auto formatting that’s being done, then I’m more than happy to make the changes for you.”


    Hi AMLAccount,

    I’ve tagged Peter and Kriesi on the question as I’m not sure if there is anything like that within the theme or not. Kriesi may have a filter for some outputs but I’m not aware of it.




    This problem only arises when the Hybrid Connect short code is placed between the 2/3 and 1/3 short codes on my front page. If I use the hybrid connect short code on the same page outside of either the 2/3 or the 1/3 short codes it displays properly.


    Try to write the shortcodes like:

    [one_third first]Content for 1/3 Column here[/one_third] [two_third]Content for 2/3 Column here[/two_third]

    and make sure that there’s no line break between them – otherwise WP will add a paragraph tag between them.


    I have tried the following and got the same problem:


    [one_third][hcshort id=”5″][/one_third]



    this problem is currently visible on:


    Where on that page is the shortcode error? I’m not seeing it when looking at it live now.





    The sign up form on the front page has bunched up text, which is hard to read and has alot of spaces above it so it is way down the page. it short look the same as the version on the side bar widget on this page:


    I’m not sure what is going on with it. The output from the shortcode is a mess on the page but I’m not really sure what could be causing it.

    You could just copy the HTML out from the other page and past it into the Text tab where you want it to go on the main page where its messing up.




    Can you please help to answer the original question posed by the plugin developer so he can work on a solution.



    What’s the email of the plugin author, I need a copy of that plugin to see what’s going on here with those renegade <p>.

    Has this issue been fixed, because I don’t see anything abnormal on the two pages mentioned.

    Someone emailed me a copy of this plugin and I do not see these issues you describe. Code you mentioned is from line 20 of template.php or from line 33 of lightbox.php.




    Hi Nick,

    I can’t replicate the problem on

    The problem only seems to appear on my Dynamic/Front Page when I also use the 2/3 1/3 short code.

    I have emailed Paul what you said, but it is easier if you can contact him by emailing (Email address hidden if logged out) with the subject heading of: Re: [#960] Short code not displaying properly

    we can all communicate.

    I will put the code back, but as this is a on going problem on my front page I don’t like to leave it on there so I replaced with my old HTML webform. I will put the problem back now but please help me resolve this quickly because it is not a good look!




    I have now replicated this problem on

    It is set up as a Dynamic template with Front Page style and then the short code is placed in either the 2/3 column or the 1/3 column and then it gets distorted. Other wise the short code works fine, as I have also demonstrated on this page.



    Yeh I see those paragraph tags. Problem is I can’t recreate it .. here are 2 columns. one has a widget and the other has a word test in it. Try adding with a widget.

    I am not certain that the theme is adding <p> . Most likely WordPress itself is adding them. I dont see a buffer in the shortcode, but in the widget can filter it for <p> and </p> .

    Its on 63-68 of hc_widget.php in the plugin. Try it out please.




    Hi Nick,

    Thank you. On my Front page I don’t have a side bar so I am not sure I can add a widget.

    Have you set your page as Dynamic and then with a Front Page template?

    The html for my test page is:

    This is a test page and my webform should display under here:


    [hcshort id=”5″]

    [two_third first]Content for 2/3 Column here[/two_third]

    [one_third][hcshort id=”5″][/one_third]



    You said you are using columns with the template builder. One of the options when configuring each of the columns in the dynamic template, is the ability to add a custom sidebar into the column, and then insert a widget into the custom sidebar inside the column.

    What version of the plugin are you using and how can I get in touch with whoever is customizing it for you?




    Hi Nick,

    This is great! – have redesigned the page using the template builder and a hybrid connect widget and this has solved the problem for me.

    you can contact Paul by emailing (Email address hidden if logged out) with the subject heading of: Re: [#960] Short code not displaying properly

    Thank you very much,




    No problem. If you have other problems let us know. Good luck.



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