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    Since my thread was closed, I wish to reopen it. I have the shop product container differences, perhaps more my product images. How do I get every image to look the same size with the hover selections looking professionally centered for all of them? My product images vary in sizes, but I would expect these to be automatically resized to the catalog image sizes as defined in my catalog settings, but they’re not. What am I doing wrong or what is it that I don’t understand about getting the shop images to all look the same size?





    Sorry about the thread closure, was a mistake.

    Please open WooCommerce > Settings > Catalog and make sure the image sizes are just the way you want them, and hard crop option is set.

    Next, please look in the functions.php file at the root of the theme, and starting on line 26 there is another set of dimensions for the website itself. Please make sure those numbers match the dimensions in the catalog settings.

    Please don’t forget to run the plugin when you are finished, otherwise you will not see the changes made.




    Hi Nick,

    Which ones should match? It’s not clear looking at the functions.php. I have not changed the functions.php so here’s the catalog image sizes I have:

    Catalog Images 250px x 250px

    Single Product Image 350px x 350px

    Product Thumbnails 100px x 100px

    Swatches and Photos 50px x 50px

    I do not have the “crop” selected because I did not want the images to be cropped, but if this needs to be checked to make this work, I will select this option.




    Hi Lyse,

    Yes, the crop needs to be set so that the images get cropped instead of just scaled down proportionally.




    Hi Devin,

    I checked the cropping option and regenerated my thumbnails. Now I have to go and fix all of my images because the majority of my product images are no longer displaying properly!! WOW that’s a lot of work.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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