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    Hi there, I installed your Flashlight and as I’m building my site I came across few issues:

    1. Secondary Shop Menu in Product page in not centered on the page.

    2. Sidebar is scrolling with main content area – need to have it stationary (using no sidebar page all)

    Please help. Thanks.



    it would be easier for us if you could link to your site. This way we know what your setup is, allowing us to give specific instructions.

    Best regards,



    Hi Chris,

    It is, I figured out the secondary menu – if you select shop menu as a secondary menu – i doesn’t center, it moves to the left. So I deselected it from menus.

    The main side menu scrolling got fixed (I had to disable woo and re-upload the plugin) – but, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Annoying me a bit. Is there a solid solution?

    Another thing, I contacted Woocommerce support for help on product sorting on the shop page, they responded you guys are responsible for support. Frankly, their support system is the worst thing I ever experienced in my life. I needed help on:

    1. Product sorting (by date) – not alphabetically.

    2. Insert text content before products on Product Page. If I type anything it goes as subtitle.

    3. Add DSA (Design Service Agreement) link and check box (required) – Just like they have as Terms & Conditions before u click place order.

    4. Thank You (Order Received) page customization and redirect to a member page (content restricted).


    Hello herzfamily,

    I’m not quite sure what you mean by the side menu being fixed and sometimes working sometimes not. The site has a maintenance window up so I can’t actually take a look.

    Let me see how much of the Woo Commerce stuff I can answer:

    1) Unfortunately its not available with the theme right now. But I can send it in as a feature request for a later date.

    2) Another one that will have to be a feature request. I believe Abundance has some support for additional text input on the product display, but Flashlight was designed with a more gallery style layout in mind when Kriesi incorporated WooCommerce into it.

    3) I’m pretty sure there is an extension available to add something like this. They update so often now that its hard to keep track, but look through their extensions and see if something fits what you have in mind.

    4) You can specify and modify the Thank you page under the WooCommerce Pages tab. I’m not sure what you would need to do for a secondary redirect though. If you are offering a download or something, it would


    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for your reply. I guess I wasn’t clear on my previous post.

    Here are some clarifications:

    1) I would appreciate if you could put in feature request.

    2) I was talking about actual Shop page (not single product page) were it displays only products. When I try to type in some texts on Page Edit, it doesn’t display texts on the Shop page.

    3) Looked everywhere before I posted.

    4) Yes, I wasn’t aware of that. BC, these pages where automatically created upon woo activation from your theme.


    Hi herzfamily,

    I’ll just answer 2 and 3 since the others don’t require answers :)

    2) Make sure the Shop page is the correct one identified through your WooCommerce options as the Shop. Also check to see if its using a dynamic Template instead of the basic Use Default setting, as that could cause a conflict.

    3) The Gravity Forms Extension might do this for you, but again I don’t have a way to add this in or instruct you on how to add in the agreement checkbox feature.





    I am having the same problem as the user above. With Flashlight theme

    I have 2 questions:

    1. My sidebar on the left is scrolling up and down when scrolling the content, I would like it to stay stationary so links are always accessible.

    2. Also when viewing the website on a mobile browser like Atomic for iphone which emulates a full size browser the sidebar moves over the content so content cannot be seen, is there a way to allow it to move sideways with the content? just be aware I have a mobile version of the site, so dont view it on mobile safari or android browser when trying to see what I mean.

    Here is my web adress:



    1) Add following code to css/custom.css:

    .sidebar.sidebar_absolute {
    left: 50px;
    position: fixed;

    2) Flashlight is not responsive yet and requires at least a ~960-1024px screen resolution. I’ll mark your request for Kriesi though – maybe he can provide a quick fix.


    I am also having the problem of the left sidebar scrolling up and down with the content window. I saw on the demo it stays in one place, I have tried adding the custom code above, but no luck :(

    Please advise as I have tried everything.


    Hey holstphoto,

    I don’t see the css included in your site but it may be because the cache plugin needs to have its cache reset to include the changes you made in either custom.css or your quick css.



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