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    Safari is stretching my shop images down by like 300%. In Chrome and Firefox it looks great.

    Kriesi need help on this one.!!!!


    Hi makproductions06,

    Do you have a screenshot of whats happening? I’m not getting the same issues when viewing it now.





    On safari 5.1.2

    happens on Ipad and Iphone too… =(


    Hi makproduct,

    I’ts looking great on my end. The version of safari I’m using is 5.1.2(7534.52.7). On mobile devices, it is just showing one column for the products on my end.




    What in the world!!!!!! I have the same version too but it looks all wacked.. Same with my clients computer.. All stretchy. My Iphone and my Ipad are displaying the same issues, the theme is totally broken on mobile. Slider Captions, Columns underneath the slider are all jumbled. Images stretched. I have to scroll for minutes on i phone to get to the bottom of the stretched image.

    I’m lost on what to do.


    Hi markproduct,

    I really wish to help you but It’s really looking good on my end(I’m using Windows 7 platform and Safari with the same version). I find it weird that the images are not only stretched vertically but somehow the angle is a bit twisted to the right in your screenshot, On my end, I can see all images appear in 212px x 307px(dimension) and its not stretched vertically and not a bit rotated to the right. This is the url that I’m looking:

    I’ll just tag the rest of the support team that might see the same kind of problem appearing on their end.




    I have tried Chrome, Firefox, IE, on both Mac and PC and everything looks fine. When i try Safari on Mac, PC and Iphone, Ipad, it looks like crap…

    Specially on Iphone, the theme looks totally broken on many different browsers.

    Well, is there a way to disable the mobile version and the resizing based on screen width. Just have a fix width at 100% It would be better to have that, than have a destroyed theme that is unusable. It sucks that my clients primary browser is safari, kinda getting a lot of pressure on this one.

    Anything you guys can help me with would be great. Thanks. Maybe Big man K knows how to fix it.


    Hi makproductions06,

    Do you happen to have this line in your Quick CSS?:

    #top .thumbnail_container img, #top .thumbnail_container a:hover img {
    height: 100% !important;

    I disabled it and it fixes the issue in Safari.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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