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    I have some Q.s about the shop header.

    If you feel they are to many, please just point me in the right direction.

    1) Is it possiable to remove the shop header in Propulsion and still use the woocommerce plugin?

    If so how do I do that?

    2) is it possiable to change the links in the shop header?

    ex: change “my account” to “contact”

    3) is it possiable to change the shop header links with plain text?

    So that I can use this “header” for my contact info.

    4) how do I remove each link in the Shop header

    5) how do I change the shop header link colors?

    / Thanks




    1,2,3,4) Yes – you can remove the shop links. I think you just need to assign a custom menu to the submenu location. If this doesn’t help open up functions.php and delete following line:

    if(avia_woocommerce_enabled()) $args['fallback_cb'] ='avia_shop_nav';

    You can use the menu builder to add any link (even with custom url/link text) to your menu (eg contact, etc.). As far as I know it’s not possible to add static text to it but you can try to use the custom link option and instead of the url/http:// address enter #.

    5) Use following css code for the link color:

    .info_text_header a {
    color: #888 !important;

    .info_text_header a:hover {
    color: #333 !important;


    Thanks for your fast answer Dude!

    1) how do I completly remove the shopheader, so that my logo moves up higher on the page?

    2 + 3) works exellent!!

    4) ??

    5) The vertical link dividers, shopping cart and the total sum (ex; 33SEK) is not affected by the above code

    The seem to be regulated by the overall body background color settings in the Theme options.

    How can I change these?

    / john


    Hi carriercarrier,

    1) Add the following to your Quick CSS or custom.css:

    .cart_dropdown {
    .sub_menu {

    4. You can modify the menu items in your Menus manager. Its located under Appearances>Menus in the WordPress admin area.

    5. What exactly are you trying to change the color of? Each item has its own class/id and so can be targeted with css to change its attributes. You can use a tool like Firebug for Firefox to isolate them, or if you can tell us exactly which items you’d like to target, we can assist :)




    Hi Devin

    Thanks for your answer.

    I would like to change the color of

    1) “images/icon-cart.png”

    (background: url(“images/icon-cart.png”) no-repeat scroll 0 10px transparent;)

    2) <span class=”cart_subtotal”>




    Hi John,

    To change the cart subtotal you’ll need to add this to your custom.css or Quick CSS.

    #top .cart-subtotal th { background-color: #ffff00; }

    To change the color of the icon-cart.png you’d need to edit the image in a program like Photoshop or Fireworks.




    Thanks Mya!

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