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    Trying to remove the cufon from the shop description under the title…

    <div class=”page-description”>

    Ive searched the forums and there is plenty of topics on how to remove it totally, but im just wondering if the description attribute is hard coded in the shop or in a theme file as I dont want to remove cufon all together just the page-description ?



    Are you using a third party plugin for the cufon fonts? Our theme uses following code in avia.js:

    avia_cufon_helper('h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, .menu li a strong');

    to apply the cufon font replacement to the headlines (h1 – h6) and to the menu. However this code won’t affect the page-description div.


    Nope, all standard

    my avia.js is the same as what you posted

    Let me do some digging and see where its coming from

    Has the theme got a shop page layout ? or does it come from woocommerce ?


    Ok so I think I found the problem

    Not sure if im doing this the correct way, but when I made my shop home page from the Dashboard >> Add Page I added a description in the shop page

    I also just added an image to test to see what happens, its ading cufon / styles to everything I add in the description area.

    Now ive noticed that in the woocommerce theme config.php file the page-description attribute is falling in between the following function. If I remove one of the classes from the div it fixes it, but removes the cufon from everywhere else :-/

    function avia_woocommerce_advanced_title()


    echo ‘<div class=”post-title big_title bg_gallery cufon_headings”>’;


    Wondering if there is anyway to cancel it out via CSS, or add a description else where, I wanted to use that area to display discounts and latest offers ect…


    Try to replace:

    function avia_woocommerce_advanced_title()
    echo '<div class="post-title big_title bg_gallery cufon_headings">';


    function avia_woocommerce_advanced_title()
    echo '<div class="post-title big_title bg_gallery">';
    echo '<div class="post-title big_title bg_gallery cufon_headings">';


    Yes that fixed it!!

    Thanks Dude ;)



    Great :)

    Best regards,


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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