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    if you go into to my website and click on one of the product details the ShareThis is all distorted the Facebook is on one side and the other icons are overlapping the categories can you help me fix this please?

    Thanks alot guys.

    Kind Regards,


    PS. my site is open!


    I reported that earlier and was told some minor CSS fixes might be included in the next release so the sharing buttons are less messed up.

    But actually I was not happy with the internal sharing options of WooC anyways – so I disabled that and installed the “sexy bookmarks”(shareaholic) plugin. works great for normal posts, pages and products as well and looks way better.

    Only disadvantage: it wants to be present on custom post types as well and shows up in the featured slider and in callout areas (in case you use that on the homepage), so you have to hide it there via some custom CSS.

    BTW – nice site, but dump those auto-translations, any native speaker will runnnnnn away, German version is extremely horrible…. :)



    It seems like the plugin hooks into various functions (the_content(), etc.) and you can’t control where the icons appear. I’d follow Martin’s suggestion and use another social bookmarks plugin instead which allows you to call the icons manually with php code. Then insert the code in includes/loop-index.php, includes/loop-page.php and in the config.php (for product pages) if necessary.


    Thanks Martin and Dude for your help.

    Martin I will remove the German thanks for the tip!

    Kind Regards


    thanks again

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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