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    I am using WP Jetpack with their share buttons and the theme is repeating those buttons twice ( How do I fix this?


    Hi aristechmedia,

    Do you also have the ShareThis Id filled in under the WooCommerce Integration tab?


    No I don’t.


    I’m not familiar with ShareDaddy or WP Jetpack and I’m not sure if these plugins offer such a feature but basically you need to “hardcode” the social toolbar function call. Otherwise Jetpack uses various hooks to display the toolbar which eventually generates several toolbars on one page. If you can find a way to manually call this function in includes/loop-page.php and in includes/loop-index.php.php you can use this plugin. Otherwise I’d suggest to use another plugin like which offers this feature.


    How and what do I hardcode? I installed the Simple Social Bookmarks and that still requires hardcode? What is the simplest and most aesthetic way to display the bookmarks? I like WP Jetpack, but I don’t know what needs to be hardcoded to remove the duplication.


    Hi aristechmedia,

    It depends on the settings of the plugin. Usually they will provide some direction on adding a php snippet if you want to hard code in exactly where to display the visual aspect of the plugin.

    I know its not a great answer, but when it comes to plugins, the variety of settings and possible effects are too many to give detailed support (or any many times). Jetpack should have some documentation available on wordpress. You can also try posting the question the Jetpack plugin forum here:




    I’ve posted on Jetpack and have been waiting for a reply, with nothing.

    I couldn’t find any direction (maybe I completely missed it) on how to work with the php snippets or hard code. All I need is something to copy and paste. I just want simple and sweet, preferably.


    Hi aristechmedia,

    We aren’t able to actually provide support for other plugins (mostly because we don’t them).

    If you want to just hide one set, you can paste the following css into the Quick CSS or custom.css for your theme:

    div.product {
    display: none;




    Perfect! Thank you Devin!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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