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    Hey there!

    In front, we use your theme for one year now and we are very happy with it. It’s very beautiful! Nevertheless we have several small problems, which we would like to solve.

    1) basing on the code you gave here ( we managed to get rid of the buttons “show options/details”. Now we’d like to get a link to the product details by clicking on the image of the product, not only by clicking on the product name below. Is that possible?

    2) We’d like to have a price shown at the product page. Before the update this code at the quickcss worked well:

    #top .price, #top .price span, #top .price del, #top .price ins {

    font-size: 15px;


    After the Update this code does not work anymore.

    3) We are working with sidebars on the rightside, but on the mainsite of the shop they do not work, although we choose to place at the set up of the shop page. It would be great to place a widget for intagram etc. in it…

    4) Regarding the categorie of the products and basing on point 3), I wonder if it is possible to place a sub-categorie tab, which lists up all applied sub-categories of the products. We want to either place it on the right sidebar, if it works on the shop or place it on top, directly below the title header (shop)

    5) Moreover we have a problem with the scaling of the similar products on the product page. They are pixelated and much too large…

    6) Unfortunately on the mainshop page our title tag ist overwritten, although we named it in the WP Settings

    Here is a link to our page:

    We would be so glad, if you can help us to solve some problems :)

    Thanks so much for your support!



    1-2 ) Please provide a url to where this is taking place so that the css we provide is specifically for your conditions. If you want you can disguise the url with

    3) Please install and see if this will make a difference with the sidebars

    4) Well you can use plugin to run php. and create the functionality you want.. or you can use the custom meny widget that is there already and create as many menus as you need. I believe WooCommerce has a plugin that gives this functionality

    5) are you using image sizes bigger than the space they are intended for? if not, you should. Please provide a url to this page

    6) I looked at the url. and see word Shop. What do you need the area to show instead?

    lol i just noticed the url. will re-answer some.




    Hi Nick, many thanks for your help. So here are some more detailed explanations:

    1) I mean the product images at the shop overview ( ). It would be great, if they can be a link to the respective projects. E.g. the first image of the grey “Golden Era Shirt” should be a link, so that you can click on it and get to the detailed product page:

    2) On the Product Page ( ) there should be displayed the price of the product. E.g. the price should stay near the box where you can choose the quantity. Unfortunately you currently see the price of the products only at the shop overview.

    3) I installed the plugin, but unfortutantely it made no difference. The sidebars work at all pages, but not at the shop overview or detailed product pages :/ It would be so good, because some nice widgets would make the shop more elegant and userfriendly

    4) You are right! Sorry I missed that. The woocommerce widget will work fine. Thanks!

    5) The images for recommended items should be displayed much smaller. Currently the are scaled up to 452px × 527px, but that is much too large. I did not find any possibility to adjust that within the woocommerce options. Can you please give me a hint, where I can adjust the imagesize for the recommendec products?

    6) Sorry I meant the title which is shown on top of the browser. There stands “| Phoenix Clothing” but “Phoenix Clothing – Visionary Iconoclast Apparel Brand” is actually set in the WP settings.

    Thanks again for taking the time to help me!!




    Hi Sören,

    1. image link

    please open /woocommerce-config/config.php in the theme folder,and look for lines 494-500 that look like

    echo $image;
    echo $link;
    echo "<a class='button show_details_button $extraClass' href='".get_permalink($post->ID)."'>".__('Show Details','avia_framework')."</a>";
    if(!empty($rating)) echo "<span class='rating_container'>".$rating."</span>";

    echo "</div>";
    echo "</div>";

    and change to look like

    echo "<a class='buttinz $extraClass' href='".get_permalink($post->ID)."'>".$image."</a>";
    if(!empty($rating)) echo "<span class='rating_container'>".$rating."</span>";
    echo "</div>";
    echo "</div>";

    2. Price Not Visible

    please open /woocommerce-config/config.php in the theme folder, and look for line 77 , in front of which you will add two slashes // so it will look like code below

    //remove_action( 'woocommerce_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_template_single_price', 10, 2);

    3. i dont think there is an option to have a sidebar on the individual product page at the moment. But on the shop page and category pages you should be able to set sidebars

    4. solved

    5. related image size

    Please add the css code below to /css/custom.css or to quick css. change the width to control size.

    #top.single-product .thumbnail_container img, #top.single-product .thumbnail_container a:hover img {
    margin: 0;
    display: block;
    border: none;
    width: 220px;
    height: auto;

    6. You should use something like which will allow you to better control your titles throughout the site as well as meta descriptions.




    Hi Nick,

    I managed to solve a lot of problems with your help! Thanks :)

    Issue 1), 2), 4) and 5) are solved. Point 3) and 6) still make some trouble.

    3) I tried the Content Aware Sidebars you recommended, but it also did not function. The WooCommerce Product categories are fine for our needs, but although we place it as a widget on the shop overview on the right side, the sidebar does not work on the right side. On every other pages it works, but strange to say not there. I currently placed it on the left side, but still a sidebar on the right side would be so much better.

    6) Forgot to say, I installed SEO Ultimate and use the title tag rewriter, too. But although I named the title “Phoenix Clothing Shop & Blog: Visionary Iconoclast Apparel Brand” in the title tag rewriter and in the WP Settings it doesn’t show up on the shop page. Same here, all other pages work fine, but the shop overview makes trouble :(

    Maybe you can find a solution. But all in all a big thank you for you help! You help me a lot making the shop user-friendly and good looking.



    This is unrelated to the 2 items, but try this css, see if you like it better, it alligns the product titles and prices on the shop page to be more inline with the images

    #top.woocommerce h3.cufon_headings {
    text-align: center;
    #top.woocommerce .price span {
    margin-left: 75px;

    3 & 6) I am not sure what you are trying to do. Your site has left sidebars on every page. But you want instead to have a right sidebar on the individual product pages, and the main shop page. The category pages you want the sidebar to remain left? Have you tried Pages and edit Shop and on the right side select display the right sidebar .. when I do that my main shop page gets a right sidebar. And while you are on that page, try changing the title. I never used your SEO plugin, but on Yoast’s plugin you can set the title at that point in the extra fields provided by the seo plugin.



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