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    Hello together,

    I have problem with my sidebars.

    My website is splitted into four cathegories, with some subsite. Some of these subsites have the same name, but different content.

    I tried to create a new widget page for each of them in the “corona theme option” but it still doesn’t work.

    I hope somebody can help me to solve this problem.

    p.s. beside this problem, the theme is really great. Good job!


    Hi Kleiner_Baer,

    Do you have a screenshot or a live site where I can take a look at whats going on? If not, could you go into a bit more detail on the steps you are taking to get the problem? I’ll try and re-create the issue myself and then see if I recognize an error and provide a solution for you.

    Thanks :)


    Look at those two site, there i need different sidebars. In fact I need for four same name pages, 4 individuall sidebars.

    I hope you could help me :)


    a little add to my post before.

    when I rename one of them, I have two different sidebars, so the settings are ok, I think.


    That sounds like what you’ll need to do. Rename each of the pages so that you can add different sidebars to each.


    I can’t. These are important sub-pages, I can’t rename.


    Unless I’m mistaken, you can’t have multiple pages with the same URL so there shouldn’t be any conflict with creating separate sidebars for each of the pages.

    Maybe I’m not quite understanding what you mean completely (if so I apologize for the confusion). Can you give me a bit more on the final goal you’d like to see happen here.


    Ok, I’ll try it again. My english isn’t the best but I hope I can explain it.

    The site should have 4 cathegories, which have a connection to each other so I have to get it on only one webspace/domain.

    The problem is, that I have for each of them a site notice(? don’t if it is the right word. the thin with the copyright.). But I also need for every site notice page another sidebar because if it is the same on each, my menu oder get mixed. With the old theme, I tried at first, there wasn’t any problem with it, but the other features wasn’t as good as in yours, so I changed, of course not thinking about it could make any problems.

    I need your support, otherwise I have a real big problem :/

    It’s nice to have the feel you guys in the support are interested in finding a solution for all individuall problem. Nice job!



    bitte probiere Plugins wie oder – vor allem Widget logic erlaubt komplexe Konfigurationen (zB durch Eingabe von mehreren Seiten IDs).




    Funktioniert leider auch nicht, da wird dann nur auf einer Seite überhaupt was angezeigt. Auf den anderen ist garnichts bzw das standart zeug.



    In welcher widget area befinden sich die Widgets? Wenn Widget Logic verwendet wird, so müssen die Widgets im “Displayed Everywhere” Bereich sein, damit Widget Logic richtig filtern kann.

    Best regards,



    It works!!!

    Vielen vielen Dank!!! Das hat mich echt gerettet.

    Ich habe genau den Fehler gemacht den du angesprochen hast.

    Super support!!! Macht echt weiter so, da ist Klasse!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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