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    Hi Kriesi Team,

    we purchased this theme for one of our clients.

    Everything works fine or was adjustable by our programmers easily.

    But we came up with an issue we hope you can help.

    The shortcode generator doesnt work. Its a brandnew 3.4.1. installation, every plugin disabled. Theme downloaded 11th july. When clicking on magic wand, white Popup opens without content. Can you please help us fixing this? Theres no error we found e.g. the console doesnt give any feedback.

    Through to we need to hurry with this project, a list of shortcodes that “choices” provides would be helpful to continue until the issue is solved. We found a list here in the forum but it seems not to be complete. Several options and shortcodes where missing.

    At least we need the generator so that our client is able to fill in content by himself.

    We know about shortcodes an can handle them manually (if you provide a list) for the first release of the site.

    Any help appreciated.



    Edit: Its just one issue left – the one with the shortcode generator (so the title of the post is incorrect – sorry)


    No answer? :(

    Its really urgent…


    Sorry if this reads like elbowing… but we waited half a week now and now answer…

    Could this be that you aint got a list of shortcodes provided in choices???

    Or cant u help with editor?

    Please answer.


    New day, new post :)

    Is this one invisible…? Almost a week gone till first post…



    Sorry for the long delay. Maybe it has something to do with some of the plugins you have installed? Please try to disable them. If that doesn’t work try to download the latest version on your themeforest account.




    My answer to this… please read my first post again. 5th line.

    There wasnt a themeupdate since our last download. Every Plugin disabled.

    Doesnt work.

    Any serverside settings that are necessary for this to work? Except newest php version and so on.


    Could it be you havn’t one?

    I’m posting here for 1 week now. All i received is ONE answer that shows me that my post wasnt even be read carefully.

    No answer at all to the Shortcode list.

    I really like kriesi themes. But this time your support is really poor. And it rellay isnt a hard task to tell me if you got a list or not.

    By now, i am dissapointed. No styling of the site without shortcode generator or even a list.


    Hi rup,

    I also apologize for the delay in a response. Our queue system actually goes by oldest last post to newest so each time you self bump or re-inquire on a post it pushes it to the back of the line. Since lately we’ve been getting up to 40 new topics/posts an hour that can sometimes mean your post gets pushed to the middle and then we also won’t see it at the front of the line since the most recent post isn’t very old.

    We had some issues some time ago with the shortcode button but this is the first time I’ve run into it since the original fix.

    In addition to normal plugins, make sure there aren’t any drop ins like Jetpack active either.

    For now though, this is what I believe to be the full list of shortcodes for the theme:

    The above link should be pasted into the HTML tab of the visual editor so that it preserves the Table formatting.

    If you have any other information about your server specs I’ll tag Kriesi to take a look as I’m not sure what could be causing just the shortcode button to not appear at this point.




    Thank you for the provided list!

    One thing i am still missing.

    The shortcode or little tutorial how to do the page like demo :

    Home»Template Files»Features

    Can you help?



    That is the sidebar tabs.

    [sidebar_tab_container initial_open="1" boxed='true' ]

    [sidebar_tab icon='Abacus.png' title="Title 1"]Title 1 content goes here.[/sidebar_tab]

    [sidebar_tab icon='Balloons.png' title="Title 2"]Title 2 content goes here.[/sidebar_tab]

    [sidebar_tab icon='Battery.png' title="Title 3"]Title 3 content goes here.[/sidebar_tab]

    [sidebar_tab icon='Alarm_Bell_2.png' title="Title 4"]Title 4 content goes here.[/sidebar_tab]

    [sidebar_tab icon='Bag.png' title="Title 5"]Title 5 content goes here.[/sidebar_tab]


    You can find the list of icons on images > icons > iconbox. boxed=’true’ means a border. initial_open=”1″ is the number of active tabs.




    This is it!

    Thank you.



    Sorry for the inconvenience. Glad we are able to help you.



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