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    I noticed some strange things when using the button shortcode.I’m trying to create a red button, with white text.

    1. text color does not work correctly


    DARK TEXT = LIGHT, shows dark text:



    TEXT = GREY, shows white text and GREY button(!) -> red color is gone



    TEXT = DARK, it shows dark


    2. hover states look washed out

    The default button works correctly, with only the background being lit up when hovering. However, when using another color, like red, it looks as if the whole button is highlighted, including the text. this makes it ugly and not very readable.


    3. border color does not work

    maybe its just me, but whatever color I set, it doesnt seem to change anything.


    Hi timtoolmanm,

    I’ll report the issue to Kriesi right away, thank you for the detailed info :)

    Additionally, I’m curious is you run in to the same issues using the HEX value for the color. Here is a quick list of them if you don’t have a way to pick them on hand: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_colors.asp




    I’m also having trouble with the button text color in the Choices theme. No matter what I enter, dark light, hex color #, etc. the text shows up grey. I’m trying to create a red button #861619 with white text. I can change the button to red but cannot get the text color to change. Any suggestions on how to make the button text white? Thanks!


    CORRECTION – my issues with the button text color only seems to be present in the sidebar widget. I can add a button with white text in the page body area but the same button in a text widget in the sidebar only displays grey text. How can I correct this? Thanks!


    Found the Quick CSS fix in another forum post #top .sidebar a.avia-button span { color:#ffffff !important; }

    My issues is resolved!



    Glad to hear that Devin saved the day!

    Have fun!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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