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    I have Abundance on a client’s site, and upgraded to version 1.9. However, in WordPress it says Abundance is Version 1.6. Additionally, the theme’s front end navigation doesn’t function the same on IE 9 as it does on Chrome, Firefox or even IE 10.


    I figured out the version issue is in the Style.css. I didn’t upgrade Style.css because of the date that was attached to the file that was in place and that its size was larger then the new one. However, doing a side by side comparison the code is the same in both.



    Yes, there’re some differences between IE8/9 and Chrome/Firefox. Especially many css3 stylings are missing if you’re using IE8/9 because the browser simply don’t support them.

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    1. Here’s another issue. When I’m in the Template Builder I’m getting a ‘Notice’ that says Undefined variable: title in wp-content/themes/abundance/framework/php/class-htmlhelper.php on line 865 This notice is showing up multiple times.

    2. Where in the css do I change the font size for the Rule with Custom Text so that the text is actually readable?

    3. Can the update to Abundance cause WordPress to break?


    Also, getting. Notice: get_current_theme is deprecated since version 3.4!


    Are Abundance and Propulsion written to work with PHP 5.3? I was told the webhost after the Internal 500 server error upgraded PHP 5.3 and this is when all these deprecated and other error messages have occured.

    Is Replete written for PHP 5.3?


    Hi MtnStreamGroup,

    I’m not sure about the php version question, I know Kriesi did an update on most of the themes some time ago to address some php issues but I don’t see any notes on it in the changelogs now.

    The wordpress error shouldn’t be happening I believe. At least, I’m not getting anything like that with the most recent version of the theme, wordpress and WooCommerce right now so you could try re-installing the theme and making sure everything is properly updated.


    I’m trying to rebuild the site. It’s an absolute mess at the moment. I don’t know if it is the theme, plug-ins, WordPress or the host but constantly getting internal server errors. And everything was working properly up until this past weekend when I updated the theme and a couple of plug-ins.



    Ok, we’ll close this thread now. If some errors still persist after the rebuild please create a new thread.

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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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