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    I’ve used a few different WordPress themes, but I’m going to install Enfold, and this is a major change to my website, and I’m sure the many options and settings will take some time. I don’t want to do this live, so I’m not sure where to install the theme. Should I set up a staging server, export/import my WordPress content, and set it up there? If so, where are the options and settings stored: in the WordPress export that I would do after setting up the theme, or in the MySQL database? If it’s the latter, how do I move them to my main setup when I’m satisfied with my layout and options?


    Hi kirkmc,

    Its really up to you and your technical ability to set up a secondary installation and move things over. If you wanted to keep your current installation and just move the data over you could use a plugin like this one WP MIGRATE DB

    What I typically do in these instances (when I’m paid to do so via freelance work) is set up a secondary WordPress installation on your live server but in a different folder or subdomain. Then when the site is ready to go live I just change the index for your site to point to the new directory instead of the old.

    If you have WordPress installed in your root then you would need to move it to its own directory first.





    Thanks. Where are the options for the Enfold theme stored? In wp_options in the database? Is there an easy way to get them from one installation to the other? If I export them from the staging server, then import them on the production server, won’t that overwrite any other theme options I’ve got for my blog (assuming I may need to temporarily go back to the previous theme)?


    Yes, they are stored in your options table but they should be exported using the plugin I mentioned above so that the serialized data inputs are changed appropriately.

    More technical questions on hosting/server stuff should be asked in the general WordPress forums.

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