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    Hi Kreisi,

    I left a msg on themeforest 2 weeks ago and never got a reply from you, can you please kindly address these questions?

    1. I want to display all the products like you have here ( but I cant find the option for defining the little thumbnails below the main product image (which are the variations and changes the main picture when clicked on) ( Right now I’ve attached the images to the product through the media manager, but when I choose “variable” then I encounter some problems

    – Now that I click on the thumbnails it doesnt show up in the main image box but opens up the whole image instead, but if disable the variation for the attribute, then the thumbnails show up inside the main image

    – For the dropdown menu for attributes, if I click one of them, it chooses randomly. For example, I choose BLUE as the color, it chooses the Green shirt as the variation.

    2. I also want to add the “recently viewed”, I see the widget, but where do I define it to enable it?

    3. Is there a way to disable the checking out function and just allow users to submit as an order (e.g. I want XX number of this and YY number of that ) . But they can see track their orders.

    Overall, I can’t find proper instructions to how to set up the product page like you have on

    Please kindly support thanks! Great theme btw!




    I am having trouble with the Related Products part, it was working fine last week.

    Originally when i hover over the thumbnail a “view details” or “add cart” option pops up and the image is linked to the related product.

    i didnt make any changes to the core files or settings, but now all it does when i hover over it is the border dissapears and its not even linkable.

    Please kindly help, I’ve purchased your theme for 2 weeks now and have yet to receive any support…


    As a side note, both the problem with the image zoom not working and the thumbnail hover not working happens when I choose the product as “variable”



    1) You need to create a custom template – go to Abundance > Template Builder, create a new template and select the “Products” element. Now you can set some settings for this element (product categories, “Shop Slider Row” – if you activate this option you’ll get a product slider like here: , etc. )

    2) Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag’n’drop the “WooCommerce Recent Products” widget into one of the widget areas on the right side – i.e. Display Everywhere (left/right). There’re no other options – you can enter a title for the widget though.

    3) I didn’t come across this option yet. WooCommerce is intended as a shop. However you can try to activate “direct bank transfer” (Settings > Payment Gateways) and enter a useful message for your visitors there.

    4) Can you post a link please.



    Sorry I cant post the link because there are information that can’t be shown yet. But I will try my best to describe what’s going on.

    1. I’m sorry i meant to refer to your demo product pages ( where you have the product as a Variable and the Product Gallery with Zoom. When i set this up, the Zoom doesn’t work, and the hovering of the related products doesn’t work either. For the zoom part, I notice the img property of the thumbnail link to be “rel=thumbnails” instead of “rel=product_images[grouped]”. Also, I added all the variations to the product, but if i choose an option from the dropdown menu (e.g. BLUE), the product image chooses say a GREEN shirt. However, sometimes it gets it right. I’m not sure why this is happening.

    Finally, when the product is Variable, the Related Products thumbnails hover link no longer works.

    (Everything works fine if the product is Simple…)

    2. Got it thanks!

    3. I’ll look into the code to see what I can do.

    4. I noticed someone else mentioned this in the comments section of your themeforest page, unfortunately I cant really post the link, but I think I pretty much summed it up in #1 above.

    5. I tried changing the text strings in the default.po file to my desired language…but it’s not doing anything…am I doing something wrong? This is the file under the folder /lang right?

    6. Is it possible to add custom tabs (simple text boxes) to the current tab section of the products? On the same note, I cant find where I can change the default title of “Product Description” and the tab names (e.g. description)

    Thank you for responding, really appreciate it.


    Hi Kriesti,

    I still cant get the Variable Product to display properly.

    The zoom property basically doesnt exist when the product is a Variable kind, when you click on the image or the thumbnails it just opens the original image file instead of loading it in the product display box.

    Again, the hover function of other thumbnails on Related Products below also doesnt work either…

    Is this a javascript conflict problem or? But you have it working fine on your demo single product page…



    yes – it sounds like a js conflict but without I can’t say it for sure – I need a link please. Maybe a plugin causes the conflict. If we find the js conflict we can solve some issues (thumbnail effect, dropdown, etc.).

    You can use poedit: to translate default.po. Save the translated file under following name “you-language-shortcut”.po and “you-language-shortcut”.mo in the lang folder. A list of shortcuts can be found here: – Make sure that wordpress is set to your language too (otherwise it won’t work):

    Basically it’s possible to add additional tabs – however it requires some coding knowledge/skills. You can use the “woocommerce_product_tabs” action:

    to add a custom tab to the products panel. If you’re no php developer it’s a bit tricky though.

    I think the “Product Description” text, etc. is part of the plugin code. You can translate/change it by using the language files in wp-contentpluginswoocommercelanguages


    Okay, whats an email I can reach you at? I dont want to publicly post the temporary login/pw for the website here.

    Thanks for your help!


    Please create me an admin account and send me the login data to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll look into it.

    PS: I just noticed that you can add an “additional information” tab by using the backend. It will display a table which contains the attributes/values you enter for this product (i.e. like shape, color, size, etc.). Go to the product editor page (edit an existing one or create a new one) and then scroll down to the “Product Data” option field. There you’ll find the “Attributes” tab which allows you to add a table with additional data. Howevver this tab doesn’t allow you to add any content you like but just adds a table.



    Please not sure what to do with this one. Am having problem with Attributes. I created a Colour Attributes for Colour options but instead it showing up as additional information instead of a dropdown for option. Am not sure what setting is wrong. Being on it for hours. Thank you for your help.


    Please ignore me, finally figure out what have being doing wrong.



    Good to see you’ve got it to work =]


    Can you explain what you did wrong and what worked? so the rest of us can know what to do ?

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