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    I’m trying to set up a portfolio display on my homepage (similar in style to the portfolio on the Coherence Theme Demo’s home page). I’ve read through the posts in the forum related to portfolios and I’ve still not been able to set it up properly. When I tried to upload a featured image, the dimensions were skewed and there was a border box around it that went well beyond the edges of the image.

    So, I have a few questions about how the portfolio setup on the Theme Demo’s homepage was created:

    1. How did you guys set up the portfolio to where the “small” image that was displayed on the homepage was NOT a part of the slideshow? (specifically the “IOS Logo Design” post) I don’t see where to mark a photo as the preview photo.

    2. When placing videos into the portfolio items/slideshow, I noticed two different set ups (the “IOS Logo Design” and the “DISCOVER”). On the “IOS Logo Design” slideshow, the image fits within a frame, is this set up with the iframe option? If so, did you input the 930px by 930px for the iframe dimensions (in the embed code) and the actual video adjusted itself?

    Is the video for the Discover slideshow simply an upload by URL?



    (Sorry if that was a lot, but I looked through the documentation and still had questions.)




    If you want to know technically how to set it up. take a look at these videos. They aren’t for Eunoia, but the framework is the same so its close



    In a few hours I will make a Eunoia demo showing how to do what you ask.

    The thumbnail image doesn’t necessary have to be linked to the post/page/portfolio item that has that image set as a feature.. By use of custom templates you can pull in content from one page and a gallery from a different page and still have a native featured image to display in the slider. But I looked at the ios image, and you are mistaken, the thumbnail image is used inside the individual page. http://kriesi.at/themes/coherence/template-files/portfolio-4-columns/

    It depends how you want to display the video (self hosted vs. youtube/vimeo). Why don’t you import the demo data and you can easily see how everything is made. Instead of video for example you can paste the iframe code for a google map. Skim through the tutorial and look on the forum, all these questions are here answered. Try it out. Takes 6 minutes to set up a portfolio, categories, custom template etc.

    The ‘black iron puma’ video is vimeo hosted.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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