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    I’d like do make some changes to the main portfolio item, where the slideshow + title + descriptions are.

    If, for example, the current format is 70% – 30%, how can I make it into 80%-20% for example?

    Also, where I do I remove the padding, so the photos and description take up 100% of the width (without the white padding)

    Would appreciate your reply.





    You can add something like this on your custom.css or Quick CSS.

    .single-portfolio .container .eight.units {
    width: 700px;

    .single-portfolio .four.units {
    width: 200px;

    Adjust the width.




    Hi Ismael,

    I tried what you said but it doesn’t work. I did it via Quick Css, then by opening the custom.css file itself and uploading on FTP. Any ideas…?

    I’d also like to remove the padding if possible, could you please tell me where to do this?

    Thanks again in advance



    Hi Ismael,

    Actually, the code you gave me worked, but only if I set my portfolio entries to show on a Single Page.

    What is the css I should change to do the same thing, but for a portfolio entry that opens on Current Page?

    Thanks again,



    I want to get rid of the padding and utilise 100% of the space. Please help!


    Hi Kala,

    That is a bit tricky. If we can take a look at your site live we can assist with the start of the css (which will do 90% of it) but because of the responsive elements and to keep things cross browser safe, you’ll need to do the final tweaks and any additional fixes after that point.

    I would suggest actually changing the grid in the includes>loop-portfolio-single.php file and in the themes functions.php (for the ajax slide) instead of changing the grid but if you aren’t at least familiar with html/css changing the template file and code may not work for you.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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