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    Hi Kriesi-team,

    I’m having huge troubles as my website is down and I have no idea how to restore it.

    I added a code to the functions.php, and the site crashed, mentioning the message above.

    Do you have an idea how I can save my website? I’m quite desperate here to be honest…

    Thank you!!!

    Kind regards,




    I will try pasting my theme functions.php below. The code I added is at the bottom between “<?php…” and “?>”. God, I hope you can help…

    Kind regards, Poirot

    wp_register_script( ‘avia-html5-video’, AVIA_BASE_URL.’js/projekktor/projekktor.min.js’, ‘jquery’, “1”, true);

    wp_register_script( ‘avia-slider’, AVIA_BASE_URL.’js/aviaslider.js’, ‘jquery’, “2.5.2”, true);

    wp_register_script( ‘aviacordion’, AVIA_BASE_URL.’js/aviacordion-dev.js’, ‘jquery’, “1.0.0”, true);

    wp_register_script( ‘avia_fade_slider’, AVIA_BASE_URL.’js/avia_fade_slider-dev.js’, ‘jquery’, “1.0.0”, true);

    /* Activate native wordpress navigation menu and register a menu location */


    $avia_config[‘nav_menus’] = array(‘avia’ => ‘Main Menu’, ‘avia2’=> ‘Sub Menu’);

    foreach($avia_config[‘nav_menus’] as $key => $value){ register_nav_menu($key, THEMENAME.’ ‘.$value); }

    //load some frontend functions in folder include:

    require_once( ‘includes/admin/register-widget-area.php’ ); // register sidebar widgets for the sidebar and footer

    require_once( ‘includes/admin/register-portfolio.php’ ); // register custom post types for portfolio entries

    require_once( ‘includes/admin/register-styles.php’ ); // register the styles for dynamic frontend styling

    require_once( ‘includes/admin/register-shortcodes.php’ ); // register wordpress shortcodes

    require_once( ‘includes/loop-comments.php’ ); // necessary to display the comments properly

    require_once( ‘includes/helper-slideshow.php’ ); // holds the class that generates the 2d & 3d slideshows, as well as feature images

    require_once( ‘includes/helper-templates.php’ ); // holds some helper functions necessary for dynamic templates

    require_once( ‘includes/admin/compat.php’ ); // compatibility functions for 3rd party plugins

    require_once( ‘includes/admin/register-menu-walker.php’ ); // custom menu walker that allows for description bellow the menu item

    //activate framework widgets

    register_widget( ‘avia_tweetbox’);

    register_widget( ‘avia_newsbox’ );

    register_widget( ‘avia_portfoliobox’ );

    register_widget( ‘avia_socialcount’ );

    register_widget( ‘avia_combo_widget’ );

    register_widget( ‘avia_partner_widget’ );

    //call functions for the theme

    add_filter(‘the_content_more_link’, ‘avia_remove_more_jump_link’);

    add_post_type_support(‘page’, ‘excerpt’);

    //allow mp4, webm and ogv file uploads


    function avia_upload_mimes($mimes){ return array_merge($mimes, array (‘mp4’ => ‘video/mp4’, ‘ogv’ => ‘video/ogg’, ‘webm’ => ‘video/webm’)); }

    //change default thumbnail size on theme activation

    add_action(‘avia_backend_theme_activation’, ‘avia_set_thumb_size’);

    function avia_set_thumb_size() {update_option( ‘thumbnail_size_h’, 80 ); update_option( ‘thumbnail_size_w’, 80 );}

    //set menu description to be visible on theme acivation

    add_action(‘avia_backend_theme_activation’, ‘avia_show_menu_description’);

    function avia_show_menu_description()


    global $current_user;


    $old_meta_data = $meta_data = get_user_meta($current_user->ID, ‘managenav-menuscolumnshidden’, true);

    if(is_array($meta_data) && isset($meta_data[0]))


    $key = array_search(‘description’, $meta_data);

    if($key !== false)



    update_user_meta( $current_user->ID, ‘managenav-menuscolumnshidden’, $meta_data, $old_meta_data );





    update_user_meta( $current_user->ID, ‘managenav-menuscolumnshidden’, array(‘link-target’, ‘css-classes’, ‘xfn’) );




    add_filter( ‘the_password_form’, ‘custom_password_form’ );

    function custom_password_form() {

    global $post;

    $label = ‘pwbox-‘.( empty( $post->ID ) ? rand() : $post->ID );

    $o = ‘<form class=”protected-post-form” action=”‘ . get_option(‘siteurl’) . ‘/wp-pass.php” method=”post”>

    ‘ . __( “post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:” ) . ‘

    <label for=”‘ . $label . ‘”>’ . __( “Password:” ) . ‘ </label><input name=”post_password” id=”‘ . $label . ‘” type=”password” size=”20″ /><input type=”submit” name=”Submit” value=”‘ . esc_attr__( “Submit” ) . ‘” />



    return $o;




    Hi again,

    I basically want to restore the original code, but don’t know what the original version is… I shouldn’t have changed it, I know…

    Thank you,

    Kind regards,




    I managed to reanimate my dashboard, but my website isn’t working. Dashboard says Corona is installed, but the customizing page is gone (as well as the widgets page).

    No idea what is going on…

    Kind regards, Poirot



    I re-installed Corona, and my site is up and running again! :)

    I will never change code again.

    I will never change code again.

    I will never change code again.

    … :)

    Kind regards,




    It is usually a good idea to have some backup files in case this kind of thing happen. Good thing you are able to fixed the issue. Also, you check the theme version on Appearance tab.



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