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    Does the server try to present and/or do all the .mp3 files that are presented on the Sermon-Overview page try to load when the page is clicked on or not until the audio itself is selected? I saw some odd behavior and it almost looked like they were all loading together, which was slowing down the primary and most recent from loading/play. Maybe something else was affecting it, but am curious.

    Then, is it possible to throttle the amount of sermons presented on the overview page? I’m using the categories and presenting a sidebar for all those archived and would only like to present the most recent two or three off the main sermon page.




    They shouldn’t be loading unless someone clicks to indicate they want to listen to a sermon. However for some reason they are.

    Please open up /js/mediaelement-and-player.js and find line 845 that looks like

    preload =  htmlMediaElement.getAttribute('preload'),

    and change that line to look like

    preload = 'none',

    and now find line 858 that looks like

    preload = 	(typeof preload == 'undefined' 	|| preload === null || preload === 'false') ? 'none' : preload;

    and change it to look like

    preload = 'none';

    and just in case open up /framework/php/function-set-avia-frontend.php and find line 515 which looks like this

    $output .= '<audio class="avia_audio" '.$image.' controls id="'.$uid.'" >';

    and change it to look like

    $output .= '<audio preload="none" autoplay="false" class="avia_audio" '.$image.' controls id="'.$uid.'" >';

    That should do the trick, please let us know.

    ======== Other optimizations

    I looked at your site. You need to optimize your images prior to uploading, since some of them are wayyy to big for what they show.

    Before uploading any jpg image, please go to this site , and use settings Compress Image 65, and uncheck the resize checkbox.

    For png type images, please go here, and there are no settings.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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