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    I have written several forum postings that describe grave errors in your product Abundance Theme. These forum postings have not been addressed.

    The theme is broken in the affiliate/external mode. With the following:

    1. It produces ugly looking product displays.

    2. The mouse over thumbnails in the categories is reading incorrectly by having two rollover effects that basically say the same thing. One should go to the product details page and the other should go to the external link. Yours both go to the same page.

    3. The price is no longer displaying correctly, in actual fact it has now disappeared in the affiliate/external mode.

    This theme needs to be fixed ASAP you are selling something that you have not tested correctly.

    The fact that you have refused to acknowledge forums postings over the same issues from others is a tell-tale sign of either a lack of understanding of the issue, or a attitude of take the money and run.

    I do not have a lot of time to sit in a forum waiting and hanging on for an answer to technical queries. At least have the common decency to let me know I am wasting my time or provide solutions and the fixes I have requested.




    Second here regarding support, .takes centuries to answer. This kind of forum lacks at least of a simple sign by email. Guys there is something wrong : maybe too much work around , I don´t know but you have to fix that in order to keep thing going


    Hi Vincent,

    I’ve responded to your other threads regarding bugs and display issues. Please keep in mind some of the posts were over the weekend and we are not able to respond 24/7.

    To address calling the theme “broken” with affiliate/external products is a bit too much of a stretch in my opinion. The process by which a customer clicks on your external product, clicks on the Buy button and is then taken to your affiliate website works. It does not display how you would like it, but the process is functional.


    Hi Devin, not it is no longer working after the update. I just put one up and tested it. No mods were done to refute that. I also do not believe that making a statement that it is broken in a particular mdoe is in error. It does appear that a particular module was not tested. This module was not perfect befoe the update – you are right – but after this last Woo Themes update it has now broken,

    If in budget I would be happy to pay the developer to fix this area. I am reluctant to continue to carry on building ont his theme if it is going to produce these kidn of errors.

    Interesting enough that the the test products I put live before the update still behave the same way. Any new products are not workign at all.

    Will there or will ther not be a fix for this?




    Hi Vincent,

    Testing your Armani Code Sport product on the affiliate purchase buttons seems to work without issue. I see that the price is 45 for both that and the watch shown and it appears that you have put into place both fixes I provided from the other thread.

    Could you explain what is no longer working now? Perhaps its limited to a specific browser or mobile device?


    I just bought your theme and i uploaded the dummy data and it gave me this message Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Apache Server at Port 80

    Then when i deleted the theme and uploaded it again it did the same thing , what is going on, this sucks to no be able to move forward !!


    Hi Devin take a look at Nickel at Nickel Morning After Rescue Gel here is the order of events:

    1. Armani Sport Page was put up before the woocommerce update and did nto change with the update.

    2. Nickel Sports page was placed up after the update.

    A. Comments now missing even though they are enabled.

    B. Buy Now Button worss but its a hit or miss as it sticks.

    C. Button position is ugly. The onyl reason I have it over to the left is to temporary fix the problem (Thanks for supply CSS). The breadcrumbs appear to the left of the button. After your temp fix it appears to the right of the button (Which looks marginally better).

    D. The price is missing and has been replaced by ‘FREE’ that is in the affiliate mode. I cannot think of any reason it should be doing that. There are no real ‘mods’ on the theme ‘yet’

    Just dropping you an email now




    Hi Vincent,

    2. You had the price of the product listed as £25.50 instead of 25.50 so WooCommerce was not able to read the price. This is not theme related.

    – I added a test review/comment as I see them with no issue.

    – I’m not sure what you mean with the button. The code for it hasn’t changed with the update.

    – You can change the position of the button to make it not-ugly by targeting: p.cart{}


    Thank you Devin, I see the commenting is working and pricing. My bag about the pricing and apologies for not noting that earlier.

    BTW: Is theer any ETA for the next versionw ith button fixes and mouse overs etc?




    A new version is scheduled to be released this week.


    New version of Abundance – nice!



    In case you didnt notice: we have relaesed the latest version of abundance and it should fix a lot of the issues that were reported recently. Please try to update to the latest version ;)

    If you have any problems please open a new thread, its easier to keep track this way for us.

    In addition to that we have implemented a new backend for our support team, which should make it considerably easier to answer to requests so I hope we will be able to reduce the time you have to wait ;)

    Best regards


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