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    Not sure if you guys can help here but not having much luck with Yoast support.

    Yoast analysis says: The keyword doesn’t appear in the first paragraph of the copy, make sure the topic is clear immediately.

    As far as I can see it does?

    And: The keyword / phrase does not appear in the URL for this page.

    My chosen phrase is ‘accommodation in Warrnambool’ so I don’t get this?

    It’s very important I get the SEO right for this site as this is the first in a series of accommodation sites that I would like to use this theme for.

    Also this: ( not Yoast related )

    I have removed the H1 tag from the logo. Don’t think it’s much use using this tag for an image?

    I have added one H1 tag only for my search term ‘Accommodation in Warrnambool’ on the home page. I did this in a text area element in the template builder for the front page.

    When I look at the code for the index page it is not there. No H1 tags. Not good for SEO.

    Perhaps for SEO purposes, everything important should go in the content editor?

    Thanks. Mark.


    Sorry. Can’t edit above now!

    I have removed most of the elements in the template builder and just placed the info in the content editor instead.

    The template builder is very convenient but not sure It is best for SEO?

    I can now see in the code that I have 1 H1 tag with my search term.

    I’m no expert here so just hope I am on the right track?

    It’s extremely important I get the SEO right from the beginning.

    Thanks again.



    How do I remove the ‘breadcrumb’? Home.



    [EDIT] I changed your keyword to read ‘x in y’ , otherwise this page will start coming up in google for those keywords as per Devin’s instructions below this post.

    And: The keyword / phrase does not appear in the URL for this page.
    My chosen phrase is 'x in y' so I don't get this?

    When you make a new page make sure that the phrase is in the title so x in y should be found somewhere in the title. This way when the slug is created, it will be composed of every word in your title including your key word/phrase.

    You can always change the slug of an existing post/page to include the keywords by going to edit the page/post and clicking the edit button next to the url ( ) Red box is around the slug, and the keyword phrase must be in there in small letters and dashes (-) instead of spaces. This is normally the same as the title of the page and is created automatically, so if you have the key phrase in the title, it would also be in the slug (url of the page). your-domain/blog/x-in-y/

    Breadcrumb is important for SEO, why would you remove it? If you want you can remove it by adding this to Quick CSS in the theme’s backend or to the custom.css file:

    .breadcrumb.breadcrumbs.avia-breadcrumbs {
    display: none;

    h1 is the second most important tag on each page after the title tag.

    You put H1 in your slider:

    <h1>x in y</h1><div class="featured_caption">.... experience the magic</div>

    These are your h1 and h2 in the page (not sure why you have h1 for home link), You have 2 h1 and 1 h2:

    <h1 class='post-title'><a href='' rel='bookmark' title='Permanent Link: Home'>Home</a></h1>
    <h1>x in y</h1>
    <h2>Welcome to x in y</h2>

    You also have 9 h3 tags which is good.

    *If you want good SEO, make sure you have original content and that links pointing to your pages look organic and are not just keywords you want to rank for.

    * Make sure that every single image on you site has a proper title and proper alt / description. Go to Media Library and make certain you add the correct titles since google uses that to determine what the photo is. So if your page has little content except photos, those photos should be described. Also try to use at least 300, and better 500+ words on each page.

    *Try not to make it too obvious since Google knows that people who use the same keyword phrase want to target for it. Those plugins are just rough guides, so don’t follow them religiously.

    *Also Penguin 2.0 Google update just came out a week ago, so nobody knows yet how that impacted SEO.




    Hi Mark,

    My general rule is to just make the pages content the most accurate it can be and good search results will follow. Certainly ensuring the most important elements are in their proper containers is good but it shouldn’t make or break your page rank.

    Looking at that page, the post title is in a H1 element and that is the word Home (it isn’t a breadcrumb). Immediately after that is the text inside the visual editor “Accommodation…” which I won’t use here to keep it from getting indexed further. So you can use that information to reformat as needed.

    SEO is a tricky topic and I’m only mildly experienced with it but I hope the above helps :)





    Didn’t think about use of the keyword in my answer. perhaps should take it out, otherwise this page is sure to be on 1st page of Google for the keyword. Good thinking! -Nick


    Many thanks to both of you.

    Yes, not a breadcrumb – but a post title!

    <h1 class=’post-title’>Home

    How, where can I remove this?

    Also Nick. I always thought h1 tags should be used for text. But you are saying I should use one for the slider.

    Where can I imput this info? ( which file )

    Almost there now.


    PS: I’m used to html sites and finding files and stuff in WP is still a bit tricky for me.



    I am sorry, you misunderstood me. You are already using one h1 tag in your slider, I wasn’t recommending for you to do it, but was just stating a fact. You have text in your slider which is wrapped in an h1 tag. View the source code or better yet:

    For making customization to your theme’s CSS, we recommend that you install and get to know Firebug ( ) and Google Chrome developer tools ( ) browser add-on.

    Firebug is a free web development tool that integrates into Firefox and Chrome browsers and assists in monitoring, debugging and editing of any website’s CSS, HTML, DOM, and JavaScript files.

    Once installed, this easy to follow video will show you the basics of Firebug – and get you on your way to customizing your theme like a real pro.

    I am unable to connect to your website to look at the code again., but based on what you wrote you can try





    Hi Nick.

    Thank you.

    Using this .post-title{display:none;} in custom.css got rid of the title bit it has slowed the load time down significantly and is playing funny buggers with the slider.

    The slider now initially starts off large and then shrinks to the size of my photo.

    Is there some other way to remove the title without adversely affecting the site?

    I will look into Firebug and all the other info you sent. Thanks very much.



    Just checked the h1 on the text in the slider.

    The system must add a h1 tag to a caption automatically? I didn’t add it.

    Everything is so slow now! Even trying to make changes in WP. Can a change to css do this?


    Hi Nick. Using Firebug I found the location of the post title in base.css I added the display: none; there instead of the custom.css

    Post title gone but the slider still starts off big and then shrinks.

    Also can’t figure out how to remove the h1 tag from the text in the slider on the home page

    Sorry for all these questions!



    Please make a backup and then open up helper-slideshow.php located in the /icludes/ directory of your theme and go to line 210 which looks like

    if(!empty($slide['slideshow_caption_title'])) $data .= '<h1>'.$slide['slideshow_caption_title'].'</h1>';

    and you can change the <h1> and </h1>, just be aware that the font size and weight will change as well as per css definitions you will use as replacements.

    Please do not change original css, instead add the changes to custom css and they will automatically override all previous instances of the selector in the cascade. Basically you can define .post-title in your css files a dozen times, but only the very last one in the order the css read will be used. Since custom.css is placed last, it will always over ride everything before it. So just copy the selector and paste it into the custom.css with your new values. This makes it easier to correct problems instead of trying to remember where and what page an edit was made on to the original file.

    *** Here is a list a made for you of all instances in the theme where the H1 tag is used

    Instead of trying to remove Home using css, why dont you (a) change the title of your home page from Home to your keyword phrase, and then in Appearance > Menu , you can make Home show up only in the menu. ?

    You added display:none to your base.css on line 73, which is making all h1 to h6 tags invisible, please remove it.

    #top h1 a, #top h2 a, #top h3 a, #top h4 a, #top h5 a, #top h6 a { font-weight: inherit; text-decoration: none; color: inherit; display: none; }

    The h1 you want to attack affects all the pages in the site and is located in helper-format-post.php on line 58.




    Thank you Nick.

    Changed the title from Home to Accommodation in Warrnambool but the text is too small.

    Stupid question but is it possible to simply delete this code:

    <h1 class=’post-title’>Home</h1>

    I can’t seem to find the html?

    Sorry for all these questions on the same topic. I’ll do my best to stop annoying you soon.



    Hi Mark,

    Its automatically generated based on the layout/template used. To remove it on one page would remove it on others so you would need to alter the php in the includes>helper-post-format line 58.




    Hi Devin. Thank you. I think that may be a bit beyond my capabilities. I don’t know what to change it to. I never did PHP 101. Would it be possible/advisable to change the class from h1 to something else? If it is I would need the exact code to use. This is my last question on this topic. Cheers. Mark.


    The title is generated above that line so you could just change the h1 above that to h2, so lines 52 and 56. That should be very very simple since its just change the 1 to a 2 :)




    Too easy. Thanks. Just basically wanted to reduce the number of H1 tags on the page.


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