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    Another quick one if you don’t mind. Have you ever had problems getting good google rank when using your theme? As a web designer I know that sounds a little crazy as how could the theme effect it.

    I’ve strewn the site with tags, added several plug ins to help but it’s getting nowhere in google even after full site maps have been submitted and the site apparently crawled.

    Just want to check with you incase there anything in the theme I need to be aware of.

    Thanks so much


    The theme works good seo wise :) Markup is clean and semantic and it uses headings so google knows whats important. The html of course is only a small part to successfull SEO :)

    you need to tge links, content etc to get a good page rank. this stuff usually takes more time and is much more important than the HTML ;)


    Cheers for that, just wanted to make sure. The old html site was getting great google rank and my boss is all over me as to why this one isn’t. I’m now looking at the Google Reconsideration form see if that helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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