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    I’m using the “Yoast WordPress SEO”-plugin and I also use the Template Builder of the Brightbox theme to create pages on my website.

    I’m building for example a page with the template builder as here described:

    – 2 colums => each column refers to a single (small) page

    Tell me if I’m wrong when I assume the following:

    * As I can fill in my SEO-content for each of the 2 (small) pages, its better for them to be mentionned by google,…

    * but when google shows my page in his search-result-list, and the link google provides is clicked, it wil open my small page only?

    (because this is not what I want to achieve. In that case, I want google to open up my main-page.)

    Is this possible?





    you can set the seo description to the container page only (page you apply the dynamic template to). It’s not possible to extract seo tags, etc. from the dynamic template elements. So basically you eed to set everything manually for the dynamic template page/post (like meta tags, description, title, etc.)



    I have used templates for several pages on my site. A template might point to two separate pages I have created. I have put no follow on these separate pages. Does SEO yoast recognise the contents of what’s within these pages?




    No, Yoast Seo won’t add the content of these pages to the seo description.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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