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    I love the way my web site works

    customization is great.

    That said my SEO is fubar.

    Google Webmaster has no (zero) search queries.

    Crawl Errors 6-Server 17 Not Found.

    My site has 6 pages plus an MLS real estate lookup widget.

    Content key words are a disaster. It’s pulling up ancient data.

    I’ tried Ultimate SEO and a cache clear plugin.

    I have google AdWords which aren’t performing well at all.

    I have google analytics to look at the few visitors I am getting.

    If you google you get a mishmash of old and recent Snippets? Tags? Meta Descriptions?

    figured out .css But I can’t figure this out.

    Can I ask google to wipe out everything they have associated with the URL?

    Any tips will be appreciated.


    This is not going to be the best template for SEO but I think you should try WordPress SEO by Yoast. It will let you see what each page should look like when read by google. Also enabling the XML sitemap functionality will help getting the old stuff off google sooner


    Thanks Neruda.

    I either have the Yoast plugin or had it.

    Have to see if it’s still there.

    Nothing was happening. I’m watching google support video on Snippets and losing my mind.

    A few moments ago I see domain using my url from a google search that says my future home is with them and a link to their site.

    I am looking for a very high bridge.

    I’ll give Yoast a second go.

    My fear is that I’ve done so much stuff that I’ve totally trashed it.

    thanks again.



    You can ask Google to “reindex” your website (I’m not sure if they start immediately though). Easiest way would be to generate a new sitemap and then use google webmasters to submit it.




    Hi Dude,

    Thanks for the response.

    I’ve already generated and submitted a sitemap.xml

    Webmaster took it fine.

    I went to fetchl like a googlebot and some pages showed up with green check success status but when I click Submit to Index I get a big red message at the top saying “There was an error processing your request”

    I also see where something is blocking my robot.txt

    Or “Blocking Access to my site”

    It is a simple robot file set for all access.

    User-agent: *

    Allow: /


    Webmaster shows that as the correct robot.txt and a link to it.

    HOWEVER, if I return to the Webmaster Crawl Access section a different robot.txt shows up in the edit box:

    This is the box where you can test your access/deny code.

    User-agent: *

    Allow: /

    Disallow: /wp-admin/

    Disallow: /wp-includes/


    This I believe came from my hosing provider (BlueHost) SEO tool (Attracta) I killed it SEO tool but this keeps popping up. The code does not exist on my server. I don’t know what to believe.

    If that weren’t enough I have a Server 500 error related to auto install and activation of the WooCommerce plugin. I don’t want the plugin, but I activated it to see if it would go away. It does not.

    I have a truck load of 404’s from way way back.

    I posted more about this as a reply to another members post having the same issue. He want’s WooComm to work.

    Many thanks

    Any tips are appreciated.


    A bit of good news

    my robot.txt is now correct and the attracta garbage is gone.

    Google Webmaster still shows 2 server errors but only shows the following as priority #1


    I think I’ll download the theme again and replace that file.

    I’ll also see what’s in the post about the 500 error.



    Hi lhosinski,

    Glad that it is mostly working for you now :)





    Still can’t get the site to come up on a simple Google Query. The URL is the Google query is “hosinski” All I get back are obituaries from dead relatives.

    It’s been 3 days since I wiped the domain off the directory, reinstalled WP, installed Twenty Eleven, entered one post, checked robots.txt and uploaded site map.xml using Google Webmaster. Thought I might get some answers via my Adwords account. Rolled a “7”


    Hi lhosinski,

    Unfortunately we aren’t quite able to offer support in SEO and generally getting listed in google/indexed.

    My personal experience is to give it time and don’t continually wipe your site clean. Google specifically is constantly updating their algorithm and may be punishing new sites these days (who knows to be honest).

    I’ll be closing the thread at this point but please post again if you have an issue for support :)



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