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    I’ve been struggling to get a decent ranking in google, and ran some SEO tools.

    I’m optimizing it with SEO plugins, but for one part I need some help. I would like to adjust the headers

    – On I get this result:

    H1-Tag(s) – Not Found

    H2-Tag(s) – This tag contains an image, but no text.

    H3- seems to be ok (Widget titles) shows me that only my posts are H1, no H2 either

    – How can I make a H1 out of my frontpage (showing lastest Posts) , mentioning the purpose of the site: E.g. <H1>LIONEL MESSI website</H1>

    – Set my categories (displayed in main menu) as H1. E.g I have category News, which should become <H1>LIONEL MESSI News</H1>

    I’m starting to find my way in wordpress, and the php files, but I don’t think I can do this correct without many trial and errors.

    Thanks in advance


    Hi gzq5x6,

    In order to add the tags, you’ll have to edit the template files e.g. index.php, header.php, page.php, etc. There are several areas you’ll have to edit so you may find hiring someone via Elance or Odesk to go through templates to be more beneficial.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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