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    I’m using Yoast WordPress SEO but because most of my content (90%) is hidden away in the template builder I’m worried it won’t get seen by google efficiently enough. The plugins preview feature is kinda of redundant because of this, unless you tell me i’m not using it correctly with your theme?

    I have just done a google search for my url and the only pages that showed up we’re the blog posts!! (this makes up the remaining 10% of my sites content). AND worryingly the description for all results we’re showing the line from the ‘Top Banner Message’ * including the word ‘close’.

    Getting seen through searches in the main route to market, can you shed some light.

    Sorry if this has already had a discussion, I can’t find anything closely related.


    Yoast SEO works with the template builder however the workflow is a bit different. You need to configure the SEO options for each page you apply the template to. Eg if you apply the template “A” to page “B” and “C” you need to set the seo title/description for page “B” and “C” and you can’t set the seo settings for the dynamic template “A” directly.


    So, are you saying it should look like this…


    Everything on green aside from the content (because it’s using a template)



    Hi Craig,

    I believe that is correct yes. Just make sure that on the actual page that is holding the page content and has the template assigned to it that you fill out the seo information.




    Thank you Devin, the support here is the best I’ve ever encountered!


    Glad we could help :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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