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    Ok so I was using Yoast for my main SEO plugin, I post mainly pictures so wanted Google to index my images

    I noticed Yoast didn’t or doesn’t support Image Sitemaps and was not picking up all my images in my portfolio or blogs which i thought was bizzare

    For example has 46 images in total

    I noticed that Yoast was only picking up 2 images :-( out of the 46

    So then I decided to try a suggested image sitemap “Udinra All Image Sitemap” its solely for images

    It installed fine and ran fine, now here is where the problem comes to light

    You can view the sitemap here

    You will notice that the above “Peak District Portfolio” entrance is falling under (1 image this time showing for the portfolio entrance)

    and then the remaing 45 images are stored under this link, but in several places over the page

    Do you know why this is ?

    Where is the ?post_type=avia_framework_post&p= being called from and how is it fixed ?

    I Googled ?post_type=avia_framework_post&p= and the link is used in Kriesi demo content dummy.xml file and there is a few references to it

    This is just one example, its doing it for all the portfolios and some of the blog posts too


    The avia_framework_post post is a hidden post which is used as “container” or “attachment holder” for all images. Since Flashlight 2.0 (you can download the update from the theme won’t attach the images to this “hidden” post though but it will attach the images to the posts directly. The reason is that we changed the slideshow and gallery function and now it’s possible to use existing media gallery images, etc. for the slideshows too. Kriesi added a conversion script to the Flashlight 2.0 code (a function called avia_do_gallery_conversion in functions.php) which should take care of the existing images – it will attach them to the “corresponding” posts).


    ah didn’t know version 2.0 was out

    I’m away all this week and ive got a few edits in the theme files so I will update the site next week when I return

    I might take a quick peek to see what files are changed and see how long it might take

    Thanks for the heads up


    Your version numbers still don’t correspond BTW

    Theme forest say v1.9 is the latest as at 2012 10 30 however the download is v2.0 and the files say v2.0

    Ive updated the theme, as it was only the style.css and the framework folder only took 2 minutes

    Im presuming the changes will take effect slowly… no idea ?

    or do I need to re-build the image sitemap ?


    Negative – you need to update more files. Here’s the changelog:

    2013 01 24 - Version 2.0

    This update adds the long awaited improvement to the gallery manager. Before you update we recommend doing a database backup.
    As soon as you have updated all the files and open your admin backend a gallery conversion script will update your old galleries and convert them to work with the new manager.
    The backup might be useful in case anything goes wrong.

    file style.css: updated version number + added new styles for the [gallery] shortcode
    functions.php: includes config-wpml now, wordpress converter for newer better image gallerys
    includes/helper-template-logic.php - small fix to work better with WPML
    includes/helper-slideshow.php - various changes so the slider works with the data structure of the new gallery manager
    includes/admin/register-shortcodes.php - removed a filter function that was no longer needed
    includes/admin/register-admin-metabox.php - registers the new gallery manager to be used in your backend
    folder js: several small improvements

    added folder: config-wpml: improved WPML compatibility.
    If you have perviously installed the wpml plugin and everything is already working fine, you can circumvent the changes this new config folder adds
    by removing the include(config-wpmp/config.php) call at the very top of the themes functions.php file

    folder framework: several bugfixes and improvments
    -since feedburners feedcount is no longer available the feature was removed from the widget
    -updated the google maps widget to better work with https requests

    2012 10 30 - Version 1.9
    FIles that changed:
    Style.css - updated version number
    folder: framework - update to the latest version

    2012 08 09 - Version 1.8
    FIles that changed:
    Style.css - updated version number
    folder: framework - update to the latest version



    haha cant believe I missed all that in the version_flashlight.rtf

    Its because I skipped straight down the the date that was on themeforest

    Ill do it now :)

    Cheers Dude


    ohhhh loving the new gallery options in the theme, very nice indeed

    Ive updated, seems to have worked

    there is still a few reading as ?post_type=avia_framework_post&p=

    but its fixed the portfolio and theme background ones (I think)

    I will monitor it

    Great support and help as usual :)


    I think the ones still using the


    Are the ones that are not assigned to a post or page or anything :)


    Ok Ive only come across one issue it seems

    I went into the media library and deleted all of the images not attached to a post or article, this got rid of all of the ?post_type=avia_framework_post&p= refrences

    It also deleted a few backgrounds for my pages including the flashlight default background to be used if one is not set.

    I found that the flashlight theme admin panel is still posting the “Default Background Image Gallery” images to

    not sure if I fudged the upgrade up or not

    but everywhere else in the theme has a new fancy media upload type widget yet the flashlight theme settings does not, it still uses the old v1.9 one, not sure if it was overlooked, or missed from the changelog


    Yes, the default background is still attached to the hidden post because the admin page itself is not a post/page and WP can’t attach the images to the “admin page”. Thus we need to use this post as attachment holder for attachments which are not assigned to a specific post/page. However it’s good for your seo anyway because the default image would be a redundant image (duplicate content because all posts/pages with the default background would “list” it as an “article” image).

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