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    When the video is self hosted, the video has to load completely before you can start watching it.

    This is much too long.

    Any way we can set a pre-load time of say 15secs & the have video start even if it’s not finished loading?



    I searched the docs for a parameter to control the preloading time but couldn’t find any: – I’l ask Kriesi if he knows one though.


    Thank you Dude,

    Let’s see what Kriesi finds.

    Meanwhile I found this here:

    In order to prevent skipping and pausing of the first clip you can set config.disablePause and config.disallowSkip to TRUE like that:

    [ 1. projekktor(‘#player_a’, {

    2. controls: true,

    3. volume: 0.5,

    4. playlist: [

    5. {

    6. 0:{src:’advertisement.mp4′, type: ‘video/mp4’},

    7. 1:{src:’advertisement.ogv’, type: ‘video/ogv’},

    8. config: {

    9. disablePause: true,

    10. disallowSkip: true

    11. }

    12. },

    13. {

    14. 0:{src:’myvideo.mp4′, type: ‘video/mp4’},

    15. 1:{src:’myvideo.ogv’, type: ‘video/ogv’}

    16. }

    17. ]

    18. });]

    If I understand this right, by changing this to false, the vid should start playing when I click play and pause when I pause it even while loading.

    9. disablePause: false,

    But, it’s not giving me a pre-load time so the video will most likely stutter unless I pause it long enough to load part of it myself.

    Maybe there’s another parameter that can be added to this like: autoPlayAfter: 30 (as in after 30seconds) or something of the kind.

    Or maybe I’m just totally wrong and this isn’t where the var should go if there is one to add for pre-load time.


    To be honest I am not quite sure if using this media player was a good choice by me. it seems to have some anyoing glitches, one of them the fact that sometimes I can play a video without preloading it and other times thats simply not possible. I will have a look at the issue but not sure if I myself can fix that…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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