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    Hi there,

    I would like to display self-hosted videos on my site.

    I saw on the Key Features Overview that this is possible:

    – Supports Videos from any major video hosting service as well as self hosted HTML5 Videos with flash fallback

    However, when I’m adding a Portfolio Item, I don’t see a place to add such a video.

    Would you mind providing some simple instructions for getting self-hosted video active?

    Thanks. :)


    I’m curious if anyone has figured this out. If so, please reply. Thanks!




    It looks like you would follow the directions just like you would for YouTube or Vimeo video; when you enter the URL you just paste the URL from where it’s sitting on your server.


    Well, scratch that. I did just that, but now they all just sit there “loading” indefinitely. Maybe self-hosted does NOT work??



    sorry for the delay.

    Self hosted videos are possible, I believe these, however, need to be included in the post using HTML5. I haven’t tested it. It is suggested you upload the videos to YouTube or Vimeo and insert the link for a guaranteed succes.


    I purchased this theme based on being able to use self hosted video as advertised in the Key Features Overview (as highlighted above). YouTube or similar is not appropriate for my project. Please can you provide a detailed description of how to insert a link to a self hosted video… this functionality was a condition of my purchase of this theme.

    I have tried JW Player but the responsive functionality is lost?


    You can upload your mp4 videos by going to “Media” > Add New. Then go to the post/page editor page and click on “Add external video by URL”. A popup window will be displayed where you can enter the url to your mp4 file.


    Hi – thanks for your reply.

    Just wondering if you have tested this process, as I can’t get it to work? Firstly there is a maximum upload limit of 8mb using “Media”>Add New (WP 3.3.1) so not suitable for uploading video of a worthwhile size. I did create a very short video and uploaded it as you described. I then followed your next step (having searched for the URL buried in the WP uploads folder) but the webpage simply displays a text link to the video which you click to have it pop-up in a separate window (lightbox) to play. No problem linking to a Vimeo file this way – it works perfectly displaying and playing ‘inline’ on the webpage but not to a self hosted video following your instructions!?

    Maybe (I very much hope) I’m missing something here – Can you confirm you’ve trialled and tested this method and it works? And if so, any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Thanks for your help…


    I just found out that mp4 maybe isn’t the best format because it’s not supported by all browsers: – I think it’s better to use the ogv format. But yes – it works for me:


    I have had success on the desktop – but iPad and iPhone display a black box with no way to start playback? (ios5)


    PS Are you able to provide a link to that test page you set-up in the Angular theme that has the self hosted video? I would like to view it on my iPad and iPhone to see if that will help me diagnose my problems…



    No – I tested this on my local setup. I’ll ask Kriesi to test the player with his iphone/ipad.

    Best regards,



    OK – but surely this has already been tested? It is part of the many key features listed on the theme summary… Self hosted video. Responsive theme. Works on iPad and iPhone…? Surely you would test that this works – before – writing it on the key feature list?

    I’ve now spent 2 days trying to make this work…without success. I really expected this to be ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality – I just can’t spend anymore time trying to find a work-around – please let me know ASAP if self hosted html5 video is possible for responsive display on both ipad and iphone (as claimed in your feature list) and how to achieve it OR please provide a refund so I can purchase a theme that works.

    I appreciate your help.


    Hi – Can you please respond on the issue of self-hosted video – everyone’s experience on this forum appears to be negative – ie it does not work. I paid for your theme over a week ago and cannot use it. If the features you advertise do not work I would expect a full refund.


    Hi pozza,

    I just sent a message to Kriesi to have him test out the issue again on his testing iPads and iPhone (just in case he had not gotten a chance to from Peter’s referral). I know it can be frustrating to try and get something to work that seems to be straightforward. You are always able to request a refund from Themeforest (they handle transactions) if you are dissatisfied/ready to give try something else.

    While I personally plan on getting an ipad in the future, I hope you understand its not a tool we are all able to have on hand. If you could also post a link here for the site you are having issues with, it might help in figuring out if there is a conflict in the site/site code.




    Hey! I stumbled upon this thread and just wanted to let you know that the issues should be fixed since the last update.

    I have added another html5 video player since the old one seems to be the main reason for the problems.

    Usage is quite easy:

    You add a video by url (can be external, or you can of course upload it first to your own server) Just make sure that for the other formats there is a video in the same folder with the same exact name, only different file extension. More infos can be found in the updated documentation of angular.


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