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    ………to help a noob

    Trying to get my site up and running with the flashlight theme with no prior knowledge/ experience of wordpress.

    Can anyone recommend a concise source tutorial explaining how to customize my site?

    I thought it would be self-explanatory – but I cant even change the title on the welcome page…………..




    Did you successfully install Flashlight? If you do, please go to Flashlight > Theme Options > Click “Import Dummy Data” (the green button). It will give you ideas on how the theme works. If you encounter any problems, please update us here on the forum. :)

    Also, look for the documentation folder > open index.html and you’ll find some useful tips on how to do things inside the theme.




    I think I got it successfully loaded – thank you Ismael.

    I tried the dummy data – but spent a while deleting it. It did help a bit.

    I will look into the documentation folder for tips.

    Is it true that the title block can only be image based? is there a way to just type a title in?





    Yep, you can just edit the page then change the title. No image required.




    When you say change the title – where exactly can I do that?

    Also – Im trying to load a bunch of Adobe Illustrator linework drawings – and the only way I have found to do this is as a jpeg – which makes them slightly blurry. Is there a better file type to use that would preserve the vector linework?




    also – where is the documentation folder? i cannot seem to find it.

    thank you so much!!


    1) You just need to change the page title:

    Cufon will convert it to a canvas shape and this looks like an image/vector graphic. However the headline itself is still standard html code and search engines can read it like normal text.

    2) The documentation folder can be found in the themeforest zip file. Make sure that you download the “Main File(s)” and not the “installable wordpress file”


    thanks dude.

    im quite grateful for the help


    ok – now I really need help.

    my welcome page for some reason is now displaying other pages – contact, a draft portfolio page, etc.

    I cannot figure out how to get it back to display the welcome page slide show.

    please help!


    Hi medwar1212,

    You may need to re-set your home page in the main theme options (the first tab). Also make sure in the WordPress Settings>Reading, you don’t have a page selected for the home page but instead have the display blog posts option (so no page selected for frontpage).




    Thanks Devin

    It looks like I’ve really messed things up. Is there a way to uninstall Flashlight and then re-install so everything is truly re-set?




    If you really want to start everything from scratch I’d recommend to use this plugin:

    If you just want to reset the theme options click the button on the Flashlight > Theme Options page.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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