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    Hello, I recently bought and installed the Corona theme. Someone advised me that when buying themes, I need to find out 1)if they include security measures from hackers etc and 2) if not, to add security measures. He said something about seeing if a thimbthumb.php was included in the files and I did not see this.

    Can you let me know if the Corona theme had security measures included and if so what/which ones

    And if not, if in addition, can you recommend some things I can do to make my site secure.

    I am new to all this jargon…while I know my basics around wordpress and using opensource from the front end, I’m definitely one of those learning the ropes…so your advice and insight is greatly appreciated!




    we’re not aware of security issues with Corona. We use WPs inbuild resize function to generate thumbnails. Timthumb isn’t required and/or included in the theme files.


    thanks! do you recc adding the login/lock down plugin? will that work with this set up? thank you.



    we can’t check for every plugin available so you’ll have to see for yourself if the plugin is compatible. When coded properly the majority of plugins work with the Corona theme. You can always try plugins, if they don’t work as expected you can just deactivate them without consequences. Let us know if it works :)


    ok, will do. thanks!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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