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    Can you please give some attention to these 4 questions? Really appreciate your help, thanx!

    Hey there, just a few questions, hope you can help me out.

    1 > As I don’t use the ecommerce shop yet, I removed the shop-header by editing the custom.css file, thanx to an earlier support issue. However, now the colored header of approx 40px or so is gone as well. Is there an easy way to re-introduce the colored band? Where should I edit or add code?

    2 > Please check my site [a temporary address that is] and check the footer. You’ll discover the pages come up in a strange order [in widgets I told them to appear by name]. Can this be chanced, or did you already fixed this in the update?

    3 > I understood there’s an update to version 1.2 or so. How strange it may sound, I just cannot find it. Where to look?

    4 > What does the update do? Can I safely use it at my almost finished website?

    Appreciate your help, thanx much, a


    Hi Aatvos,

    Let me see if I can answer everything at once for you.

    1) First you’ll remove the CSS you have in your custom.css file and replace it with the following:

    display: none;

    2) I’m not sure whats causing this but we can address it once you’ve updated the theme.

    3) You can download the new update through Themeforest where you originally purchased :-)

    4) Since you are still on 1.0 I’m going to paste the changelog below. Most likely, this will not effect your site BUT if you are worried, I would recommend creating a backup of your database and files or even applying the update to a local only site.

    1.0 to 1.2.1 Changes/Updates

    2012 02 05 - Version 1.2.1
    modified files and folders:
    file: style.css - version number
    file: css/layout.css - submenu fix
    folder: config-woocommerce

    2012 02 04 - Version 1.2
    woocomemrce bugfix release:
    the theme now works fine with woocommerce 1.4 and higher. if you update the theme please make sure that you also update your woocommerce plugin, otherwise the theme might break!

    modified files and folders:
    file: style.css - version number
    file: includes/helper-tempaltes.php - dynamic shop element update
    folder: config-woocommerce - update for woocommerce version 1.4

    2012 01 27 - Version 1.1
    modified files and folders:

    css/layout.css - added menu code for secondary navigation, in case woocommerce is not enabled
    config-woocomerce.css - moved some styles to layout.css so they are available even if the plugin is deactivated
    folder JS




    Thnx Devin, you’ve been very helpful, really appreciate yr reply.

    Will work everything out and let you know!

    best, aat


    Hi Devin, thanx again. Everything worked out fine!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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