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    In the second menu /catnav/ how can i center the big category names in the button – i manage to align them center in the x axis, but i dont know how to center them in y axis

    also when u look at the site and hover on “forum” button u will see that there is some left thick line… how to get rid of it?



    in your style.css you can find

    .catnav li a

    In here change the line-height to about 33px instead of 13.

    When I hover “forum” I don’t see a thick line appear, did you solve this issue?


    catnav li helped.

    about forum:

    i testing some buttons, so now thick left line is outside the forum button, so it doesn’t align horizontally with accordion slider


    Could you provide an image of what you see? For me, there is no “tick left line”, however, there is some spacing on the right, since your entire menu is floating left.


    damn, of course by left i mean right :)

    i tried to set float: center but id doesnt help


    i change the buttons but u can still see the problem on the RIGHT edge


    .. well what do you want to do? Do you want to fill the space with something – like a color? Or do you want to space your menu items a little? Do you want your menu to be put in the center so you have an equal space on both sides?


    i would like, to don’t have this space on the right; just like on the left… so the button “Forum” end in the one line with accordion slider.

    Also there is some problem with accordion slider only visible in Internet Explorer (u may want to check it out)


    Try to add following code to style.css:

    #menu-item-1085, #menu-item-1085 a{
    width: 140px !important;


    it almost did it, but now there is something wrong with blue underline of the button… the free space still exist but on the left of the forum button, but now it has a background

    and this is, i think, rather temporary solution – i won’t work when i change something… or it will?

    maybe it would be better to streach each of the menu item a little bit? but i don’t know how to do it


    You can adjust the catnav width – increase it to 959px – and the link width with following code:

    .catnav {
    width: 959px;

    #top .catnav li {
    width: 137px;

    However this solution is not pixel perfect too because the border exceeds the slider width about 1 or 2px.


    OK, i make also accordion slider wider, so it look ok….

    and what is going on with acoordion slider in the Internet Explorer??


    I couldn’t find any glitches – I used IE9 dev tools and IETester but both displayed the slider + excerpt text fine…


    in my IE i see something like this –

    like the title is doubled

    i just use ie to check my site, but i didn’t have this problem earlier…


    i chcecked in few others IE’s and the problem exist in all of them…


    I’ll report your problem to Kriesi – maybe he can reproduce it.


    i don’t remember this problem at the begining so it must be something is style.css or style3.css; maybe i change something without knowing?


    ok, it was something in header.php. Now it’s ok.


    Glad that you found the problem.

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