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    I switched some weeks ago to Eunoia on a foundation site, but can’t get the wpml working.

    De main language is Dutch and the second language is English. I can only see the the tab “Eunoia (NL)” but can’t find where I can generate the second one like “Eunoia (EN)”. The content does swith via the language selector, but the pre setted styles and sidebars don’t.

    Where is the box I have to tick to make this work?



    Hi traveljunks!

    Eunoia will create a separate option field for each language and you can’t transfer/copy the settings from one language to another. Each language requires a separate configuration of the theme options and theme templates (Eunoia > Theme Options and Eunoia > Template Builder).



    Hi Peter,

    where can I find that option Language selector, because I can’t see it anywhere? Can it be that my older (free) version isn’t good enough anymore? I would like to be sure before buying the premium option :)

    When I activate the Plugin my menu is showing tab “Eunoia (NL)” and that’s it.




    You can see the language switcher at the very top of the wp dashboard.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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