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    Ok, i can do most coding (love this theme) but i need a separate comment’s template for the blog posts and one for the gallery post. I know they are both controlled by the single.php but can’t figure out what i need to add or change to get them to pull two different comment templates. Any help would be apreciated



    you can use Conditional Tags: in combination with wp_list_comments.php and/or comments.php

    Dependng on what section/fields, etc you want to change use conditional tags, if statements, etc. to use a different wp_list_comments template or to modify function just a bit.


    For anyone using expose and are curious about this themselves here is the simple code that can give you two different comments for your posts:

    <?php if ( in_category(’16’) ) { ?> <– this cat id is mine for blog

    <div class=’entry commententries’>

    <?php comments_template(‘/comments.php’); ?> <– loads the default comments template for all posts in the blog cat.


    <?php } else { ?>

    <div class=’entry commententries’>

    <?php comments_template(‘/comments_review.php’); ?> <– for my showcase template this is a custom comment temp.


    <?php } ?>


    Thanks for sharing the code :)


    to add to this. If you really want the full custom comments feed don’t forget to modify your functions and wp_list_comments need to be modified to really make a seriously custom comments template

    P.S. hey no problem. have built to many sites and most code comes from those who share. So sharing is never an issue with me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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