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    Hi Christian, long time no speak.

    The site at has been working great for a while now but he noticed a problem that I cannot fathom.

    When entering a search query the returned page has the general page template but the content of the home page, every time. I last tested the function quite early in the development and it was fine. Could you give me a general steer as to where the culprit might be before I go through the plugin waltz. There’s an awful lot going on on this site so that could be a slow process.



    What plugins do you have active? If you disable them, does the search page work properly?

    Have you modified search.php or searchform.php?

    The URL structure for the search page is correct ( and the body class shows as the search page (look at the <body> tag in the page source) which indicates the page is the search page.



    OK, that cracked it. Not sure how it happened.

    seach.php must have gotten lost in the update, it was missing.


    Glad that everything works now. I set the status to resolved.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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