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    Hello. In a previous post I reported the following problem:

    performing a search from the search box in your default template, the page “Search Results” that returns the archive some time has sidebar, and sometimes not.

    In the previous post I wrote that I supposed it was a problem caused by the plugin ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) ) and I carefully explored all the possibilities. Now I have found that it is not a problem related to that plugin (which I still have uninstalled and deleted from my root) but it is a malfunction of the template.

    You can see this malfunction using the template that is online. If you are looking in the search box the title of some pages of your site, the page that returns the “Search Results” manifests the problem which I put: do not see the sidebar of the page “Search Results”.

    Try to look in the search box this words (which are the title of some of your pages):

    – Page: fullwidth

    – Shortcodes

    – Welcome!

    On the “Search Results” will not display the sidebar.

    Also you point out a small imprecision: if you search “Shortcodes” in the “Search Results” appear three results. The box that contains the last result has not a margin/padding bottom and the thumb is almost attached to the lower edge of the container.

    I’m sorry to have suggested the doubt that it was a problem with that plugin, orienting hurt your research, but as you can understand it is not always easy to be able to analyze certain causes.

    I hope there is a solution and I wish you good work.

    I thank you, again, for the speed with which you answer.



    We appreciate your analysis of this issue.

    While this situation is being tested (missing custom sidebar on search pages) … You can install the free and that should hold you over, it has a tiny footprint and takes care of tha issue.

    Also while on the subject, WordPress search functionality is very weak. If you want to exand it, there are some much more robust plugins available free




    Thank you for your reply and for the advice.

    I hope, however, you’ll solve this small fault in your theme almost perfect!

    Best Regards.


    Thanks and be on the lookout for that feature in the upcoming updates.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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