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    I’ve been trying to enable the ability to search my flashlight themed website for media attachments/portfolio items (stuff that isn’t a post or a page). I have tried two plugins: Relevanssi and Search Everything.

    Relevanssi doesn’t work at all, and returns zero results on any search that works when the plugin is disabled. I’ve tried disabling and enabling the plugin; re-installing the plugin; trying the plugin on an old snapshot of the site; trying with only Relevanssi enabled (all other plugins disabled) but with no joy.

    Search Everything returns the same results as WP’s standard search/Flashlight’s standard search. I’ve tried modifying the PHP file to query for posts with a post_status of inherit as suggested here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -attachments. I also retained post_type of attachment rather than post_status of attachment. This didn’t work however.

    I also tried WP MediaTagger to tag my media/attachments with tags hoping they’d show up in results, but they didn’t.

    Does anyone know how to get any of these plugins working with Flashlight, or of a way I can search my portfolio items/images or media/attachments?




    Hi Dan,

    By default search includes portfolio items. Not sure why it isn’t working on your site but testing it out on the demo doesn’t have any issues:





    Sorry, I wasn’t particularly clear in my post. The default search facility shows portfolio items, but I’d like to be able to search for individual photos of those portfolios. For example, on my website if I search for “life” I get two results/portfolios, one being “Still Life”. But if I search for an image that belongs to Still Life, I get no result – e.g. searching for “guitar” when I have a photo of a guitar in my still life portfolio.

    Thanks again :-)


    I’m not sure that is actually possible. The image data isn’t stored in a way that wordpress would be able to search for it.

    You would need to have keywords inside the text of that portfolio item that are searchable by wordpress.


    Thanks Devin, I’ll bear that in mind.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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