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    How do I create the scrolling text and button on the front page slideshow that you have in the live preview?



    you can set this up on the page where the slider is.

    There you have to navigate to “Featured Media” and then

    Tab Default Options -> Caption Title (Big Text) & Caption Text (Small Text)

    and the for the Button

    Tab Caption Advanced -> Caption Call to Action Button Label (Text for Button) & Apply link to the button? (for the link target).




    Turned out I couldn’t see those options as IE 10 wasn’t working on compatibility mode. Fixed now. Thanks!


    I’ve set the options I want for the button and the captions but no matter what option I use they don’t show up. I’ve tried 3 browsers. The link the image works fine, it’s just the button and the caption that aren’t appearing for some reason!? Any idea what I’m doing wrong?



    Deactivate Jetpack and a few other plugins, though I think Jetpack is responsible. I see the code for your buttons and captions for each of the images where its supposed to be. So something is blocking the javascript. Also something is adding links to your website randomly behind 3 of the last divs. Please try uninstalling all except woocommerce, and flush your cache and take another look.

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    Thanks, that worked!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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