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    In the Angular Template portfolio when I press the expand picture button, the picture is much larger than the screen and I have only a right scroller (that moves up and down the picture) but no bottom scroller (in order to move sideways). How do I add a bottom scroller to the expanded picture?

    Or is there a different way to add the ability to move inside an expanded picture?



    Hi tkwsniva,

    I tried to check your site which is linked on your name to see the problem but there’s nothing on it.




    Hi, sorry – this is the site that I’m referring to (on a specific portfolio entry):

    Try to click on the picture and then expand it.



    Hey tkwsniva,

    I’m not getting any scrollbar when viewing the page. It is supposed to be scaling to the screen size so it shouldn’t be giving any kind of scrollbar when viewed in the prettyphoto lightbox.

    Is it only happening in a specific browser or OS?





    You will only get a scrollbar if you use an iframe … … something like this. But on the image itself there really is no way to get a bottom scrolling bar. The most you can do is force the image to stretch and cover the screen size. At least this is my understanding from reading the support forum for prettyPhoto.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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